Performance Newsletter November’2020

Deliver Resilient Applications Using New Age Performance Engineering



Cavisson is committed towards technological advancements and innovations around customer experience and performance initiatives, as well as business parameters that directly impact revenue and operating costs.



Cavisson’s performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics software, helps enterprises maximize up-time and optimize server response time for seamless transactions and exceptional buying experiences.


Introducing Free Toolbox for DevOps & SRE

Take advantage of calculating the downtime allowance, estimating the number of concurrent virtual users, and retrieving the IPv4 and IPv6 subnet information like host range, broadcast address, mask, notation, and many more to speed up the performance analysis with Cavisson’s free Toolbox.

Free Tools for DevOps & Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)


Performance Newsletter September’2020

Performance Intelligence Like Never Before


Have you re-calibrated your systems with the changes to customers buying patterns because of uncertain COVID times?

Cavisson is offering a free one-week assessment on your Holiday readiness in collaboration with Infosys. To get the best of the opportunity, register by clicking here.


“Driving Exceptional Customer Experience with Innovative Performance Intelligence Platform“

Cavisson Systems, recognized by Industry Wired as Top 20 Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020

“Cavisson Systems brings to the table, a unified performance intelligence and monitoring platform that ties well to monitoring customer experience, generating insights about aspects such as response times, customer touch points, and feedback through enhanced Availability capability as it correlates logs, traces, metrics and UX data. It enables companies to pick out the right data at the right time of need, to ultimately attain better governance and serve customers better.”

Cavisson Systems, A Unified Performance Intelligence and Monitoring Platform, listed among Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers 2020


Performance Newsletter June’2020

Innovating with Observability and Analytics

On-Demand Webcast


Looking for ways to improve the capacity planning of your mission-critical applications or improve the overall performance, we recommend watching this video. Watch Shashank Srivastava share insights from information out of a survey with more than 250 respondents from over 100 companies, including:
● Survey results highlighting common misconceptions
● Challenges related to the test environment
● Impacts of not having monitoring capabilities


Watch Rishabh Jindal present the latest trends and best practices when it comes to pre-planning for safeguarding your applications from Repercussions of Corona. You’ll learn:
● What happens when we are not prepared for the worst situations
● How to inject attacks in a test environment
● Four Easy Steps to immune your application
● How to monitor the impact of attacks injected in Test Environment
● Specific / Tangible Benefits
● How Cavisson can help to find the most appropriate solution

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Performance Newsletter April’2020

Stay strong in impact analysis with Cavisson application performance engineering during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cavisson is committed towards ensuring the max performance of your mission-critical applications in these uncertain times.

Keep yourself safe from COVID-19 and limit the spread of novel coronavirus to others. Isolation of issues is the best strategy even in today’s scenario, to ensure maximum performance, reliability, and availability – similar to what you do with your applications!
Business Continuity


Performance Newsletter March’2020

Enable single view DevOps engagement for Deep Dive Testing, monitoring and diagnostics using Cavisson Performance Engineering

Bigpanda integration in alerts

Integrate to automate prioritization of alerts and incidents generated by Monitoring platform. Correlates the massive volume of alerts from the applications and infrastructure to enable remediation of issues faster and fewer.


Detailed insight into DynamoDB across all instances along with latency, throttled requests, errors, consumed capacity. Generate reports for read/write operations like GET, PUT, Scan, etc. Closely monitor the performance of global table with key usage stats e.g. returned records, GetRecords operations

Performance Newsletter February’2020

Driving Revenue Growth and Profitability through Performance Management

Cavisson Delivers Strong Last Quarter -Lots of wins but the most noticeable ones

Pathkind The fastest growing life sciences and healthcare entity, making superior quality diagnostics services accessible to the masses at an affordable price through innovative means, adopts Cavisson as their enterprise strategy for performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics. Cavisson NetStorm is used for performance testing and NetDiagnostics and NetVision is currently being used to monitor the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in both pre-prod and production.
National Health Authority NHA has a network of more than 150,000 wellness and healthcare centers across the country with more than 10 million beneficiaries registered as patients (just a little over a year of inception). This count is continuously growing. But when fully implemented Ayushman Bharat (the flagship program of affordable care) will become the world’s largest fully government-financed health insurance mission.
Cavisson NetStorm will be used for Testing the applications and NetDiagnostics and NetVision will monitor the performance of their applications.

Performance Newsletter December’2019

Deliver exceptional user experience with Performance Engineering

Recognized as Top Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovation

Increase revenue and profitability by ensuring maximum quality, performance and availability of your mission critical applications. Proud to announce that Cavisson is featured as Top Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovation. Read more

Features Spotlight

Script Conversion

Effortless migration of test scripts to ensure the optimized performance and capacity analysis of more…

Replay Access Log

Leverage “access logs” to recreate all patterns for performance test & generate exact pattern of what went wrong in your application. read more…

MongoDB Monitoring

Closely monitor MongoDB with deep insights into key performance parameters, bottlenecks, and diagnose it before it affects the end users. read more…

MySQL Monitoring

Deep visibility into MySQL performance and maintain maximum uptime and health with optimized query performance. read more…

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Performance Newsletter October’2019

Accelerate your Digital Performance

24*7 Performance Monitoring of MapMyIndia’s Application by Cavisson NetDiagnostics

MapMyIndia is driving the Indian navigation and location- based services industry by providing products and services across all platforms, Internet, Mobile, In-car, print etc., to end consumers directly as well as in partnership with leading international and national digital content providers.

Cavisson NetDiagnostics Enterprise drives performance across MapMyIndia application ensuring maximum availability and uptime of services to their end-customers.

World’s richest Municipal Corporation relies on Cavisson for Performance

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai is the civic head of the infrastructural and administration development of the city of Mumbai.

Cavisson NetDiagnostics enables real-time monitoring of citizen-centric applications and notify technical teams in real-time upon any breach in performance as well as business SLAs. Cavisson’s user experience monitoring provides Municipal Corporation’s developers insights into improving the page performance in order to enhance user experience and at the same time Cavisson’s application performance monitoring provides them insights into the root cause of aberrations across server, application, database and network layers.

Obtain real time insights into struggling users with Events

Track and stay alerted with any unusual activity or key error by Event notifications on the client / browser end. Keep an eye on your customers, be alerted for various events to identify, and analyze struggling user sessions.

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Performance Newsletter August’2019

Excellence in Digital Performance

ArchChat ensures exceptional user experience and smooth go-live of the new platform using Cavisson

ArchChat is a chat-based collaboration platform for interior design and construction industry that offers contextual, project-based communication between the participants within the interior design ecosystem.

ArchChat leverages Cavisson’ Performance Engineering Managed Services to ensure performance packed go-live of their new platform with comprehensive functional automation and performance testing. This partnership will allow our company to apply our advanced expertise helping ArchChat to grow and ensure a rapid expansion without any hiccups.

Achieve sustainable automation with Cavisson NetTest

NetTest is the perfect way to reduce regression testing from weeks to minutes and gain clear insight into the risk of your release candidate. This helps to identify the unique functional test cases that needs to be automated for coverage of application functionality as observed in production deployment by using NetVision captured data.
NetTest is comprised of four powerful modules

Knowledge Base Generation
Test Case
Test Plan Execution and Management
Dashboard and

Security & Performance Summit – 2nd August 2019

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Performance Newsletter July’2019

Performance 2.0

Improve Digital Experience with NextGen Performance Engineering

Streamline application performance with NextGen Performance Intelligence platform to Accelerate Digital performance. Test, Diagnose, Improve and Accelerate User Experience to amplify the business as well as revenue growth.

Cavisson Systems in News

Cavisson makes its name in major players of Cloud Testing, Web Performance Testing and Service Virtualization Market by

Cavisson Release 4.1.15

Introducing Unified monitoring dashboard to manage 360° monitoring, analytics & diagnostics from a single arsenal.
An enhanced UI has been designed to make NetHavoc more user friendly and let you inject faults and examine the applications and servers with few clicks. Allows to update Havocs in runtime and generate reports for individual status.
For Browser-based and Native App Click and Script is implemented in RDT

Monitoring Spotlight

Now, you can keep an eye on your application with more monitors Cavisson have introduced—

Amazon CloudWatch

Monitor AWS Lambda using Amazon CloudWatch to get stats of Lambda functions


Support for statstype of NGINX Plus monitors through generic JSON monitor is added

LPS Health Metric

Implemented health metrics of LPS

Testing Spotlight

Advanced virtualization options for HTTP/2

Virtualization of HTTP 2 calls with advanced setting configurations e.g. Server Push, Max Concurrent streams, Initial window size, Max. Frame Size, Header Table Size.

Virtualization of AJB

Virtualization of AJB callouts supported. Now all AJB callouts can be recorded and virtualized to serve responses using NetOcean Service Virtualization.

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