Performance Newsletter June’2019

Performance 2.0

The New Era of Digital Performance

Deliver better digital experience with advance cross-disciplined simulation driven performance testing and real-time deep-dive performance monitoring. Accelerate your test cycles and keep teams focused on customer needs with our industry-leading business and application performance engineering solutions.

A leading Airlines Delivering exceptional user experience and Minimizes Revenue Pilferage with Cavisson Performance Monitoring

Cavisson enables Airline to monitor performance for application end-to-end, right from, the user experience, application backend, DB, Integration points, and application logs. Task includes production monitoring of application and to do the RCA upon any issues.

Analytics including top business transactions, flow path, exception / errors, method timing, etc. led to the discovery of issues. Correlation between very slow and error category transactions enabled with DB monitoring helped identifying the offending db queries. Cavisson helped airlines to improve the efficiency of application by optimizing the performance.

Seamless Performance and Functional Testing of Native and Hybrid Applications using Cavisson Real Device Testing

Cavisson enables Performance testing of Native and Hybrid applications using Real Devices. Testing across various devices of IOS and Android hosted in public or private cloud.

Key Highlights
  • Test your application across all platforms
  • Keep an eye on your application behaviors
  • Get key insights using advanced Analytics
  • Improve through Recommendations
  • Deep-dive diagnostics with Cavisson suite

Technology Support On-boarded

Apache Hive
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Performance Newsletter May’2019

Application Performance 2.0 – Enabling Revenue Growth and Profitability

Performance 2.0 is about enabling performance across people, systems, and processes.

Typically, companies have been doing performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics of their systems and applications with a minimum of 3 to even 5 or 6 different tools, yet not being able to address certain issues that crop up during production.

Read, how the need to stay profitable and to grow revenue has led enterprises to ensure that they stay on top of quality, performance, and availability of their mission-critical systems and applications. And, how Cavisson is helping them transform the way they run performance engineering initiatives.

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Cavisson unveils NetHavoc. NetHavoc injects failures into the systems in order to proactively identify unknown errors in UAT.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of fault tolerance mechanism.
  • Understand application behaviour in the presence of failure.
  • Induce Faults in application execution by:
    • Pulling down a server or an instance,
    • Process termination,
    • Spike memory, CPU, disk space, etc.,
    • Network fault injection

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SAP HANA Monitoring

Cavisson continues to enhance list of monitors and grow support for third-party proprietary technologies – a commitment to our existing as well as new customers. Cavisson introduces SAP HANA monitoring support using NetDiagnostics.

Few Stats that Cavisson captures for SAP HANA- SAP HANA Users, Schema Memory, Peak Memory, Resident Memory, Memory Allocation, SAP HANA SavePoints, Backup, Memory Component, Network, Active Connection, Disk Usage.

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Performance Newsletter April’2019


We are honored to receive Excellence in Performance Management Award during WQS, Hyderabad. The summit witnessed online participation by over 3,000 quality assurance professionals, senior vice-presidents of technology companies, senior QA experts and thought leaders from 19 countries across the globe.

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User community symbolizes the strength of any product and helps accelerate – sharing of best practices, ease of collaboration and issue resolution.

Cavisson Community is a great leap towards extending cavisson’s reach and visibility and at the same time it’s a great way to reiterate our commitment towards our customers and the end users. Now that the platform is here, the onus is on the product experts and champion users like yourself to drive conversations and make it interesting, engaging, and valuable for the community. Over to you!

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