Complete Network / WAN Simulation Solution

Cavisson NetChannel is an easy-to-use powerful network simulation solution that creates a virtual wide area network (WAN) environment in your lab mimicking a production network environment. It provides a powerful, flexible and easy way to test the performance of your applications in a real-life network environment. World’s leading Fortune 500 brands rely on Cavisson to improve quality, availability, and performance of their mission critical applications.

Why NetChannel?

NetChannel is a powerful, true WAN simulator. It offers a lot of benefits that are unique in this space:

  • Comprehensive network capacity planning,
  • Optimize application for an optimal remote end-user experience,
  • Simulate real-life network behavior including bandwidth constraints and packet delay or loss,
  • Minimize production environment problems,
  • Easy to setup, on same subnet as your lab servers,
  • Ability to define tunnels and network characteristics for each tunnel.

WAN Simulation Appliance

NetChannel, a WAN simulator, recreates the dynamic behavior of the Internet such that any network model can be reproduced including those that change with traffic or time. NetChannel helps IT network professionals to perform pre-deployment testing for applications including but not limited to ERP, storage, VoIP, video conferencing, ecommerce, datacenter consolidation, disaster recovery, and web services.
NetChannel makes it possible to simulate mobile users with 3G/4G network speed or web users located in San Francisco using a web application hosted in Chicago.

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