Performance Testing & Capacity Analysis Solution

Cavisson NetStorm is a cost-effective, performance-enhancing, and easy-to-use application performance testing solution. It is an extremely powerful load generator that provides an accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time (CPRT) enabling IT companies to guarantee the Service Level Agreements (SLA). Its advanced technology efficiently handles load variables, user realism, application realism, and network realism. NetStorm is a proven web load testing solution providing the root cause of the issues where legacy solutions failed, prompting Several Fortune 100 companies to switch over to using NetStorm.

Why NetStorm?

Enterprise-ready, scalable, and stable technology

performance testing
load testing

Massive load generation for accurate estimation of client-perceived response time

Handle load variables, user, application, and network realism

web performance testing
load testing software

Reusability of script

Addressing today’s challenges, helping prepare for tomorrow

As the web matures, two opposite trends are converging – Web business providers want to increase the bottom line while Web users are becoming less forgiving. By using NetStorm, companies can spend their IT budget more intelligently resulting in better services to their customers by:

  • Ensuring the system will handle expected user load from real-world
  • Ensuring CPRT is within reasonable bounds as per SLAs
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