Performance Newsletter January’2021

“Cavisson systems” The key to high performance


Cavisson’s Anil Kumar – Top 10 Entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 by Industry Tech Outlook Magazine

“We ensure that quality and performance is in the DNA of any system or application in the Prod or Pre-prod environment”- says Anil


Today, customers on an everyday basis face challenges around high-cost per test, limited storage, server capacity, hardware administration, and production environment problems in application performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics. Cavisson understands their customers’ pain points and offers revolutionary systems that handle expected user load and response time experienced by real users within service level agreements.


Cavisson Systems, is recognised as a Prominent Performance Intelligence Platform Provider.

Cavisson offers end-end Performance Engineering, Monitoring and Diagnostics as one comprehensive solution on both on-premise and SaaS platforms. Hence, the company makes it their mission to focus its technology advancements and innovations around customer experience, as well as business parameters that directly impact revenue and operating costs.

Cavisson’s Anil Kumar – Recognized as 10 most inspiring CEOs of 2020 by DigiTech Insight Magazine

Successful business leaders often are experts in their respective fields when evaluating new technologies. Anil Kumar, the Founder & the Chief Technology Officer, stands tall in such a category. He possesses expertise in Performance Tuning, High-Performance Computing. Machine Learning, Fast Data. Agile Methodologies, Production Operations, and Test Automation. Anil, the technology leader, has worked closely with innovators and leading executives.

Recognized as 10 most inspiring CEOs