Performance Newsletter April’2020

Stay strong in impact analysis with Cavisson application performance engineering during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cavisson is committed towards ensuring the max performance of your mission-critical applications in these uncertain times.

Keep yourself safe from COVID-19 and limit the spread of novel coronavirus to others. Isolation of issues is the best strategy even in today’s scenario, to ensure maximum performance, reliability, and availability – similar to what you do with your applications!
Business Continuity

Widget wise update

Widget wise update

Makes the rendering of samples swifter and analysis more effective. To overcome lazy loading samples are refreshed for each widget and Analysis on individual widget based on the time period.

Query-based data in Monitoring dashboard widget

Visualize the query-based data inline, table, bar, and vertical line chart for Log Monitoring stats in the monitoring dashboard.

 Monitoring dashboard widget
Java 11

Java 11 Support

Cavisson extends its support for Java 11 in NetForest improvising overall performance.

Postman Collection to NetStorm Scripts

Effortlessly migrate Postman API’s using Cavisson NetStorm for quick performance evaluation. Convert your Postman API into NetStorm Scripts using two easy steps. And easily perform the performance and load testing of the Postman APIs.

PostMan API

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