Holiday Readiness Testing - 2020 with Infosys

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Holiday Readiness 2020

Have you re-calibrated your systems for uncertain Covid times as there is change in customer buying patterns and spike in online orders volume?

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Predicting your mobile / web traffic and creating superior customer experience is required to avoid any revenue loss as retail business is already struggling due to unprecedented Covid times. Online volumes have grown significantly compared to last year’s online business, and the trend is likely to increase as the virus situation is unable to bring back the customer’s confidence for making stores’ visit in time for holidays. Customer’s online buying patterns have also changed significantly, hence proper tuning of systems before something breaks. Furthermore, there is a clear need of ready test bed to resolve any potential issues quickly during peak.

Key Facts


Increase in online revenue compared to 2019


Increase in online orders compared to 2019

Cavisson Solution

We propose a comprehensive holiday readiness performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics solution for our customers with heavily optimized costs

Solution Highlights

Holiday Load (Load Burst Simulation with diverse arrival rate modelling)

Mobile/ Web/ Client side testing, monitoring and diagnostics

Service virtualization to reduce cost and replicate production like environment

Chaos/ Resiliency testing

Cloud hosting, optimization, Auto scaling / HA Tests

Global Ecommerce Sales Growth

Guaranteed Benefits


Increase the revenue share


Reduction in performance testing cost

Upto 40%

Reduction in performance testing cycle time

Top US Retailer Client’s story


Reduction in abandoned shopping carts, and increased revenue by improving user experience monitoring


Reduction in performance incidents for uninterrupted delivery of affordable care


Reduction in overall costs for performance testing infrastructure


Increase in rate of order processing by digital channels YoY

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