Performance Newsletter November’2021

Boost your Application’s Performance with-Cavisson Systems


Cavisson Systems recognized as one of the KEY PLAYERS in Multiple Technologies-

Cloud Testing By Cavisson

Cloud Testing

Accelerate your digital transformation by simplifying the cloud complexity with observability across infrastructure, services, applications, compute & storage in real time.

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Web Performance with Cavisson

Web Performance

Enhance performance with extremely powerful load generator to know accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time enabling IT companies to Guarantee the SLAs.

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Cavisson provides Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

Capture and simulate production environment like behavior and performance characteristics of back-end systems and third party application.

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Leading Market Research Agencies, have identified Cavisson Systems Inc. as a top organization



Chaos Engineering made easy on IBM CF Platform with NetHavoc

Cavisson NetHavoc adds IBM CF to a wide range of target platforms for chaos engineering experiments. Failures can be injected at different levels of the IBM CF platform: Resource, Infrastructure, Network, and Application.

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Integrated Testing

Now run a single test for all Desktop/Mobile/Google Lighthouse/JS Profiling etc to minimize the time spent on designing tests for different channels/technologies. Instead of creating separate scripts now record a single script with both RBU and Lighthouse.

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Web Vital metrics in RBU

Extended metrics in the RBU metrics graph tree to cover the all important web-vital metrics:
Total Blocking Time (sec)
Largest Contentful Paint (Sec)
Cumulative Layout Shift

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Generator Server setting for Scenario

Using the Generator server setting you can now create a separate profile for each scenario instead of configuring global generator server settings for all the scenarios thereby reducing manual effort for the end-user.

Support for multiple work profile

Create multiple work profiles for saving scenarios, test suites, test cases, or check profiles separately. Increase visibility & efficiency by performing multiple tasks simultaneously via different profiles.

GIT Configuration

Cavisson extends its support for GIT settings in NetStorm. Connect to the GIT repository just by enabling the GIT settings option in your required work profile.

Personalized Report duration

Customize the duration for displaying a report in the Account Summary Report window and utilize our powerful reporting capabilities to the hilt.

View Top-Up Details

Now keep the knowledge of your total top up details to analyze the total top up available and recharge it accordingly to avoid any discontinuity.

NTLM authentication in RBU

Easily Capture the NTLM authentication credentials recorded in the RBU script. NTLM enables popup authentication in applications.

Introducing SSH Console

Get a sandbox view of the Linux terminal, from the NetStorm, NetCloud, and NetOcean browser.

Custom Script Header Support

Add custom script headers in script through Scenario UI and Jenkins UI.

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