Backend Application Simulation and Service Virtualization Solution

Learn, why our customers selected NetOcean over other Products

Cavisson NetOcean is a powerful back-end application simulator that removes dependencies on backend applications and third-party systems to enable faster quality & performance testing and accelerated time-to-market. Leading Fortune 500 brands rely on Cavisson NetOcean to stay focused on system under test, reduce overall cost of ownership for application testing, and reduce time-to-market their software applications.

Why NetOcean?

It is a battle-proven solution to simulate backend application for performance testing and quality testing. Following are the benefits of NetOcean:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership for quality and performance testing an application with dependencies on third party back-end or production systems by way of avoiding the need of costly real back end or third party applications
  • Significantly improve quality and performance of software applications.
  • Faster time-to-market software applications.
  • Improve availability and scheduling by allowing to stay focused on the system under test than worrying about other systems or services.
  • Allow agile development while enabling testing teams to decouple from complex architecture and allowing parallel development of dependent systems.

Service Virtualization

NetOcean captures and simulates production environment like behavior and performance characteristics of back-end systems and third party applications – needed by development and testing team, and make these characteristics available within test environment.
Besides this, NetOcean allows customization of responses for the simulated service/s along with applying boundaries or error conditions.

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