SaaS-based Performance Certification

Learn, why our customers selected NetCloud over other Products

Cavisson NetCloud is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based powerful load generation and Cloud performance testing platform. NetCloud allows enterprises to test and validate the capacity of their production servers. Leading Fortune 500 brands across the globe rely on Cavisson NetCloud to overcome challenges around high cost per test besides dealing with limited storage or server capacity.

Why NetCloud?

  • To overcome challenges around high cost per test as well as limited storage and server capacity.
  • To accommodate a large number of test cases by exceptional scalability.
  • To achieve real-world user scenarios and desired results by offering a phenomenal geographical user distribution and bandwidth simulation.
  • To overcome challenges around high maintenance costs and hardware administration, as this service is delivered via the cloud.

Power of an Appliance delivered via the cloud

Cavisson NetCloud allows organizations to test their external application components against the traffic generated from real-world, outside their network. A single NetCloud can control or offer multiple NetStorm instances from the cloud. NetCloud easily provisions geographically distributed traffic scalable to high volumes in almost no matter of time.

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