Performance Newsletter March’2020

Enable single view DevOps engagement for Deep Dive Testing, monitoring and diagnostics using Cavisson Performance Engineering

Bigpanda integration in alerts

Integrate to automate prioritization of alerts and incidents generated by Monitoring platform. Correlates the massive volume of alerts from the applications and infrastructure to enable remediation of issues faster and fewer.


Detailed insight into DynamoDB across all instances along with latency, throttled requests, errors, consumed capacity. Generate reports for read/write operations like GET, PUT, Scan, etc. Closely monitor the performance of global table with key usage stats e.g. returned records, GetRecords operations

Detect Application/infrastructure anomalies

Detect Application/ infrastructure anomalies

The detection of anomalous activities in the infrastructure or the components of the application stack is very critical. Through anomaly detection, we can focus on the identification of data points and situations that are not complementary to the desired pattern.

Automated anomaly detection is all about identifying unusual patterns in the series of data based on increasing scale and margin. Advances in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning offer powerful log analytic solutions that enable anomalies to auto-detect. The adoption of anomaly detection makes one’s way of life at work efficient, faster, and more productive.