Performance Newsletter March’2020

Enable single view DevOps engagement for Deep Dive Testing, monitoring and diagnostics using Cavisson Performance Engineering

Bigpanda integration in alerts

Integrate to automate prioritization of alerts and incidents generated by Monitoring platform. Correlates the massive volume of alerts from the applications and infrastructure to enable remediation of issues faster and fewer.


Detailed insight into DynamoDB across all instances along with latency, throttled requests, errors, consumed capacity. Generate reports for read/write operations like GET, PUT, Scan, etc. Closely monitor the performance of global table with key usage stats e.g. returned records, GetRecords operations

Webpage virtualization

Test dynamic webpage behavior and performance by Virtualizing the complete webpage to simulate all dynamic call outs along with multiple resource elements. Mock and evaluate with multiple parameters and make over in iterations for best result.

Site Reliability Engineering

SRE (SLI/ SLO) Monitoring using Cavisson Monitoring Suite
  • Insights into application performance with SLO focused metrics within an interactive dashboard
  • SLO driven real-time alerts.

Detect enterprise infrastructure / application anomalies

Monitor each layer of application stack and collect the real-time streaming data. All monitoring data is stored in a proprietary big data engine, that allows complex computing algorithm for detailed analysis in real-time and combines it with advanced machine learning to detect anomalies at the earliest.

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