Performance Newsletter September’2020

Performance Intelligence Like Never Before


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“Driving Exceptional Customer Experience with Innovative Performance Intelligence Platform“

Cavisson Systems, recognized by Industry Wired as Top 20 Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020

“Cavisson Systems brings to the table, a unified performance intelligence and monitoring platform that ties well to monitoring customer experience, generating insights about aspects such as response times, customer touch points, and feedback through enhanced Availability capability as it correlates logs, traces, metrics and UX data. It enables companies to pick out the right data at the right time of need, to ultimately attain better governance and serve customers better.”

Cavisson Systems, A Unified Performance Intelligence and Monitoring Platform, listed among Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers 2020


Deep Dive Postgres and DB Monitoring

  • Cavisson has introduced new stats to empower Postgres Monitoring
    • Server Stats
      • Configuration
      • Connection Stats
    • SQL Activity
      • Locks Stats
      • Session Stats
    • TempDB Stats
    • DB Query Stats
    • Postgres Execution Stats


  • Get detailed insight into MYSQL DB server and queries analysis
    • Query Plan
    • Scheduled jobs
    • Ongoing session activities
    • Per session I/O, cache hits, and others
    • DB wise memory/disk consumption
    • Replication and Mirroring
    • Failure messages
    • Log management

Cloud Monitoring

Accelerate your digital transformation by simplifying the cloud complexity with observability across infrastructure, services, applications, compute, and storage in real time.

  • Plug and play Monitoring using Cloud integration capability
  • Analyze performance metrics from monitoring dashboard

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Effortlessly Add Transaction Promptly

Relax yourself from adding transactions after the script is recorded. Avail flexibility to start or end a transaction while recording on demand.

Simplified Script Manager using Cav Launcher

Now launch the Script Manager using Cavisson Launcher with only one time installation effort and zero dependency on the desktop and java version.

Execute Performance Test through YAML

Cavisson has introduced a new way of load testing through YAML format. Run tests using YAML with simple configuration through NetStorm and reduced effort of creating script and scenario.

Execute Postman APIs Load Test using NetStorm

Perform load test of Postman APIs using NetStorm with zero manual effort. Cavisson provides you a feature to convert your Postman Collection into Cavisson script. In a single step, convert your exported Postman Collection into a Cavisson script. read more

GIT Integration

Cavisson has now extended its integration to GIT Hub. Now you can easily push your scripts and scenarios to the GIT repository. You can also take benefits from:

GIT Clone
GIT Clone
GIT Commit
GIT Commit
GIT Pull
GIT Pull

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