Performance Newsletter September’2020

Performance Intelligence Like Never Before


Have you re-calibrated your systems with the changes to customers buying patterns because of uncertain COVID times?

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“Driving Exceptional Customer Experience with Innovative Performance Intelligence Platform“

Cavisson Systems, recognized by Industry Wired as Top 20 Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020

“Cavisson Systems brings to the table, a unified performance intelligence and monitoring platform that ties well to monitoring customer experience, generating insights about aspects such as response times, customer touch points, and feedback through enhanced Availability capability as it correlates logs, traces, metrics and UX data. It enables companies to pick out the right data at the right time of need, to ultimately attain better governance and serve customers better.”

Cavisson Systems, A Unified Performance Intelligence and Monitoring Platform, listed among Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers 2020


The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2020

Dealing with these very systems is the cover feature of The Enterprise World’s The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2020

We’ve created an end-to-end, full stack offering in the performance engineering space, which no other company offers today.

Cavisson offers end-end Performance Engineering, Monitoring and Diagnostics as one comprehensive solution on both on-premise and SaaS platforms. This one end-end comprehensive solution offers horizontal drill down, detect anomalies and provide unified dashboard. Cavisson’s proprietary True Internet and Key-Data capabilities enables true-production like simulation to solve complex business problems.