APM Suite for Lab and Production

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Cavisson Product Suite supports a wide range of technologies and protocols across web as well as mobile platforms for testing, monitoring, and diagnostics purposes. This document provides a quick insight into the supported technologies and protocols as well as monitors provided for capturing stats on application or system level.

Application Programming Framework

Cavisson Product Suite enhances the visibility with broad coverage of popular programming languages and frameworks including but not restricted to Java, .NET, Node.js, and PHP.

Technologies and Protocols

Cavisson Product Suite supports following technologies and protocols:

DatabaseODBC, Oracle 11i, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, CassandraDB, any JDBC Compliant DB, MongoDB, HBase, BigData
CRM (Web)Siebel, PeopleSoft
NetworkDomain Name Resolution (DNS)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Post Office Protocol (POP3)
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (Diameter, Radius, TACACS)*
Fibre Channel 2 (FC-2)
DDOS Attack – UDP
SSL Attack – SSL / TLS
CORBA – Java*, RMI – Java*
Rich Internet ApplicationsAction Message Format (AMF)
AJAX TruClient – Firefox
AJAX TruClient – IE
Mobile TruClient
SOAMQSeries – Client (IBM MQ, TIBCO, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, Kafka)
MQSeries – Server (IBM MQ, TIBCO, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, Kafka)
Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)
Service Test Vuser
Web Services
Web 2.0 (Web, SOA, RIA combined)
TemplatesC Vuser
Java Vuser, Java over HTTP
Log ReplayAccess Log Replay, Web Service Replay
Web and MultimediaWeb (Click and Script)
WebSocket, SockJS
Responsive Web Design
MessagingYahoo Messenger Protocol (YMSG)
Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)
SOAP / RESTHTTP (for non-secure), HTTPS (for secure), XML, JSON, Hessian
CI / CDJenkin Plugin, Test Suite, Check Engine
FinanceAJB, FirstData, Chase Spectrum, Fraud Detection (RED)
Video StreamingHTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)SAP – Web, SAP – TruClient
Oracle Apps / Form / Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)
Real Browser User (RBU)Desktop RBU, Mobile RBU, Real Device Testing (RDT)
Remote AccessRemote Terminal Emulator (RTE)
EncodingGoogle Protobuf Encoding, AMF, HESSIAN, AES


Cavisson Product Suite has numerous monitors to measure metrics at both the system level as well as the application level. Cavisson has developed hundreds of monitors that are commonly and very heavily used by many of our customers.
Below is a list that provides high-level insight into the richness of our monitoring capabilities. Within each stat, numerous metrics are monitored and measured. Cavisson is by no means restricted to providing following mentioned monitors. We have worked with customers in past and have very rapidly developed required monitors on demand.

Monitors for Database Stats

Database MonitorsStats
SAP – HANASAP HANA Users, SAP HANA Schema Memory, SAP HANA Peak Memory, SAP HANA Resident Memory, SAP HANA Memory Allocation, SAP HANA SavePoints, SAP HANA Backup, SAP HANA Memory Component, SAP HANA Network, SAP HANA Active Connection, SAP HANA Disk Usage.
DB2Buffer Pool Stats, Connection Stats, LOG Stats, Cache Stats, IO Activity Stats, Transaction Stats
MongoDBCollection Stats, Server Stats, Database Stats, MongoDB Replication Info
MySQLActivity Stats, Efficiency Stats, Resource Usage Stats, Replication Stats
MS SQLServer Stats, Perf Stats, IO Stats, Hardware Resource Stats, KPI Stats, Query Report
CouchbaseDB Cluster Monitor Stats, Node Monitor Stats, Bucket Monitor Stats
Oracle DBOracle DB Activity Stats, Oracle DB Resource Utilization Stats, Oracle DB Waitevents Stats, Oracle DB Efficiency Stats.
OracleSQL Stats, Time Model Stats, System Stats, Load Profile, Efficiency Percentages, Shared Pool Stats, Cache Sizes, Memory Stats
ATG Oracle DBATG Order Stats (Driver Information and query are configured from JSON Configuration file)
Postgres DatabaseBackground Writer Stats, Database Activity Stats, I/O Activity Stats
CassandraCompaction Stats, Thread Pool Stats, Column Family Stats, Node Stats, Messages Dropped Stats
Windows based MS SQL DB (Non-Java based)Microsoft SQL DB Access Methods Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Buffer Manager Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB General Statistics Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Latches Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Locks Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Memory Manager Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Plan Cache Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL Databases Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Wait Stats Monitor
Windows based SQL ServerSQL Server Access Methods Stats Monitor, SQL Server Buffer Manager Stats Monitor, SQL Server CLR Stats Monitor, SQL Server Databases Stats Monitor, SQL Server Executions Stats Monitor, SQL Server General Statistics Stats Monitor, SQL Server Latches Stats Monitor, SQL Server Locks Stats Monitor, SQL Server Memory Manager Stats Monitor, SQL Server Plan Cache Stats Monitor, SQL Server Resource Pool Stats Monitor, SQL Server Error Stats Monitor, SQL Server Statistics Stats Monitor, SQL Server Wait Stats Monitor
MySql Replication Group MonitorNA
Spanner DBSpanner API Request/sec,  Spanner Uncompressed Request Bytes Received/Sec,
Spanner Uncompressed Response Bytes Sent/Sec, Spanner Request Latency (Sec), Spanner 5’th Percentile Request Latency, Spanner 50’th Percentile Request Latency,  Spanner 95’th Percentile Request Latency, Spanner 99’th Percentile Request Latency, Spanner Nodes,  Spanner CPU Utilization(PCT),  Spanner Session Count,  Spanner Used Size (MB).

Monitors for Application Stats

Application MonitorsStats
RedisRedis Activity Stats, Performance Stats, Cache Stats, System Stats, GC Monitor, GC Stats, DB Stats, Redis Latency stats, Redis Replication Stats, Slave Stats, RedisCacheStatsV2, RedisPerformanceStatsV2, RedisActivityStatsV2
TIBCOQueue Stats, Topic Stats, Service Time Stats
GCPBigTable, BigQuery, Storage, PubSub, DataProc, Cloud SQL, Cloud Engine, Data flow, Data Store
Apache Active MQBroker stats, Destination queue stats, Destination queue topic stats
PrometheusApplicationHealthStats, KubernetesContainerNamespaceStats, KubernetesContainerOverallStats, KubernetesContainerStats, KubernetesDeploymentStats, KubernetesNodeStats
ZookeeperZookeeper Node Stats
Azkaban JMXjobExecutor, executorManager, jobCallback, webExecutorManager, webTriggerManager, coordinator, executorContainer, webContainer
WeblogicJDBC Pool Stats, JMS Queue Stats, JVM Stats, Thread Pool Data, Min Thread Constraint Data, Server Health Stats, Sessions Stats, Transaction Name Data
Jetty Web Server MonitorsJetty Thread Pool stats (Busy, Idle, Total, Min, Max thread counts Queue size) and Jetty Session stats (Current sessions, Max sessions, and Session rate)
JBossCache Stats, Cached Connection Manager Stats, Global Request Processor, Server Info, Managed Connection Pool, Manager Stats, RAR Deployment, Request Processor, Servlet, Thread Pool, Work Manager Thread Pool
AWSEC2, RedShift, Lambda Stats
NginxNginx Plus Cache Stats, Nginx Plus Server Zone Stats, Nginx Server Stats, Nginx Plus Server Stats, Nginx Plus Upstream Server Stats
Oracle TuxedoBBStats, Servers stats, Services stats
Spring BootActuator Stats, Spring Boot Services Stats, Server Stats, Request Stats, Spectator Stats, Extended Actuator Stats
HAProxyFrontend Stats, Backend Stats
Apache SolrSolr Cache, Query Handler, Solr Update Handler Stats
JBoss EAPEAP JDBC Connection Pool, EAP Servlet Stats, EAP Sessions Stats, EAP Thread Pool
WebSphereJDBC Stats, Servlet Data, Thread Pool Data, Session Stats, Liberty Monitor, Liberty JDBC Connection Pool Stats, Liberty Thread Pool Stats, Liberty Session Stats, Liberty JVM Stats, Liberty Servlet Data
Apigee APIDeployment Stats, Services Stats by API, Services Stats by HTTP status
HazelcastMap Stats, MultiMap Stats, Replicated Map Stats, Queue Stats, Cache Stats, Executor Service Stats, Topic Stats
CoherenceCache Stats, Cluster Stats, Cluster Node Stats, Service Stats, Storage Cache Stats
HystrixThread Pool Stats
HadoopHDFS Cluster Stats, Data Node Stats, HBase Cluster Stats, HBase Region Server Stats, Resource Manager Service Stats, Resource Manager Queue Stats, HistoryServerJvm Stats, HistoryServerRpc Stats, HistoryServerUgi Stats
Giga Space DB MonitorGauges Stats, Histogram Stats, DB Stats, Log Stats, Timers Stats,
FCC ApplicationFCC Stats
ETCDFollower Stats, Node Stats, Store Stats
Elastic SearchCluster Stats, Index Stats, Node Stats, Thread Pool Stats
Elastic Search GenericCluster Stats, Index Stats, Node Stats, Thread Pool Stats
EndecaRequest Stats
GlassFish Application ServerJDBC Pool, Thread Pool
MashryTcpStatesCount, TcpStats, SystemStatsExtended, ProcessDataEx, System Stats, Application Stats (MasheryClientConnectionData, MasheryDataSource
Jboss Data GridJDBC Pool Stats, Servlet Stats, Session Stats, Thread Pool Stats
ehCacheehCache Stats, JCache Stats
KafkaBroker Stats, Consumer Stats, Producer Topic Stats, Broker Topic Stats, Producer Stats, Latency stats, and Topic Stats
Kafka Topic ReplicationKafka Topic Replication Stats
Apache NifiConnection Stats, Port Stats, Processor Stats, Controller Stats, Process Group Stats
RabbitMQCluster Stats, Node Stats, Queue Stats
Async ServerAsync Server Message Stats, Async Server Service Stats
Spark ServerSpark Server Message Stats, Spark Server Service Stats
Camel ServerCamel Server Message Stats, Camel Server Service Stats
Windows based HTTP ServiceHTTP Service Request Queue Stats Monitor, HTTP Service URL Groups Stats Monitor, IP HTTPS Global Stats Monitor
.Net CLR.Net CLR Exceptions Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Interrop Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Jit Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Class Loading Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Locks and Threads Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Memory Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Remoting Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Security Stats Monitor, .Net Data Provider for SQL Server Stats Monitor
Other Windows based MonitorsApp Pool WAS Stats Monitor, ASP .Net Active Server Pages Stats Monitor
Node JS Heap-GCHeap used, Heap allocated, types of GC (SCAVENGE, MARKSWEEPCOMPACT), time taken by GC, different types of Heap Space Information (New, old, code, large object, and map space)
Node JS Event loopLatency of all events running in event loop, average/min/max time taken by event loop
Node JS Asynchronous Event MonitorEvents per sec for each category of event invocation (Ex. TCP connection, TCP read/write, Timer, File system read/write etc.), Event Execution Time, Delay in Event Execution
Node ServerTotal requests, response time of all requests, time taken by all requests in network, time taken by server to respond on requests, input throughput (number of bytes read), output throughput (number of bytes write), status code count of all requests, request method type count (get/put/post)
GCP storage bucket permission monitorBucket Read Permission, Bucket Write Permission
Cloud FoundryCloud Foundry App Instances Stats and Cloud Foundry App Stats
Instance HealthInstance port status and instance ping response time
CloudantUsed disk space, Free disk space, Key:value pairs emitted per second from map functions, Documents per second through map functions, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, COPY, HEAD, Response Time (ms), Document Reads Per Second, Document Writes Per Second
Spring DMThreadPool, JDBCProvider
AIXService stats
Monitoring Component Using PromethusKubernetes container stats, Overall summary stats, name space summary stats, Node Summary Stats
Hikari CPThread Pool Stats
JBoss AS 7Transaction stats,
Service Stats, Prepared Statement Stats , Thread Pool Stats
JBOSS AS (JMX) EndpointJBOSS AS (JMX) Endpoint Stats
FlumeSource Stats, Sink Stats, Channel Stats
BluebirdSystem Stats, Network Stats, Application Stats, Battery Stats, Process Stats, System Stats, WiFi Stats
Windows Peripheral Device MonitorMonitor Stats, Report Stats
ASP.Net MonitorsNA
InfinispanCache Stats
AkamaiAkamai Transaction Stats
ApigeeApigee Transaction Stats
Alert REST MonitorLevel – 1 (Tier), Level – 2 (Server)
Mosaic CartMosaic Cart Order Stats
Server Health ExtendedOverall Stats, Server Stats
JiraJira Server Stats
HivePS Stats, Memory Heap Stats, Threads Stats
FusionBuffer Stats, Client Connection Stats, Client Request Stats, GC Stats, Memory Stats, Thread Stats
Kafka BurrowBurrow Lag Stats

Monitors for System Stats

System MonitorsStats
Linux based System MonitorsNetwork Traffic, Memory Stats, UDP, System Load Stats, System Stats AIX, IOStat, TCP States Count, TCP Stats, Process Stats, Process States Count, Socket Queue Stats, MPStat Linux, Network Delay, Open Files Stats, TCP Listen Queue Stats
Windows based System MonitorsProcessor Stats Monitor, Window System Stats Monitor, Processor Information Stats Monitor, Logical Disk Stats Monitor, File System Cache Stats Monitor, Physical Disk Stats Monitor, Memory Stats Monitor, TCP IPv4 Stats Monitor, Paging Stats Monitor, Process Stats Monitor, Server Stats Monitor, TCP IP Network Interface Stats Monitor, Web Services Stats Monitor, CPU Load Monitor, Thread Stats Monitor

Monitors for Network Stats

Network MonitorsStats
Store UptimeStore POS Uptime(Minutes)
Network InterfaceOperational Status, Current Bandwidth(Mbps), Received Throughput(Kbps), Transmitted Throughput(Kbps), Received Pkts Error/Sec, Transmitted Pkts Error/Sec, Received Pkts Discarded/Sec, Transmitted Pkts Discarded/Sec, Incoming Link Utilization(Pct), Incoming Link Utilization(Pct)
Network DelayNetwork Delay (ms), Network Packet Loss (pct), Network Delay Max Min Ratio
Network Device EnvDevice Temperature(Celsius), Fan Status
Network Device HealthUptime (Hours), CPU Utilization (pct), Memory Utilization (pct)
Fortinet FirewallUp Time(sec), Active Sessions Count, CPU Usage (pct), Memory Utilization (pct), Total Hard Disk Capacity (MB), Current Hard Disk Usage (MB), Hard Disk Usage (pct), Network Bandwidth Usage (kbps)

Monitors for Other Technologies / Infrastructure

Other MonitorsStats
IBM MQMessage Queue Stats, MQ Queue Stats, Channel Stats, Listener Stats, Manager Stats
KubernetesCluster Stats, File System Stats, Host CPU Stats, Host Network Stats, Container CPU Stats, Container Memory Stats, Host Memory Stats, Host IO, Host Device Stats, POD Network Stats, POD per name space, Pods per node, Service Stats and Status, Autoscale Config Stats, Container IO
DockersContainer CPU Stats, Container Stats, Container Disk IO Stats, Container Memory Stats, Container Network Stats, Container System Stats
Android MonitoringAndroidDeviceStats
SNMPF5 System Stats
VMWareESXi Host CPU Stats, Host ESXi Host Disk Stats, EXSi Host Network Stats, ESXi VM CPU Stats, ESXi Host Memory Stats, ESXi VM Disk Stats, ESXi VM Memory Stats
LogsNetty Server Monitor, Netty Access Log Stats
Access LogsAccess Log Stats, Log Pattern, Get Log File, Average Service Time Stats
Windows based Logs MonitorsAccess Log Stats Monitor, Access Log Extended Stats Monitor, Access Log Extended v2 Stats Monitor, GetLog Monitors
VaultVault Storage Backend Stats, Vault Secret Engine Stats, Vault Policy and Token Stats, Vault Auth Method Stats, Vault Internal Stats

Monitors for Network Componnts

Network DevicesStats
SNMP Device Monitoring via CavissonCavisson’s SNMP based performance monitoring is designed to give you visibility into your network-connected devices, such as routers, switches, servers, and firewalls using SNMP

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