AZURE Monitoring

Profound observability for complete AZURE stack with AI powered monitoring and detect unusual spikes in your resource’s critical performance attribute in real time. Get maximized availability and performance of your application and services by delivering for analyzing the cloud resources.

Cloud Stack Performance Visibility

Azure dashboard gives insights into system, application, and infrastructure performance into a single pane. The concept of Dynamic baselining and alerting helps one to define what’s normal. Automated data collection and analysis enables scalability and ensures complete observability. Azure gains data across:

  • Performance and functional attributes
  • Azure operations
  • Health and resource utilization of azure environment
  • Operations of tenant-level azure services
  • Operating systems on which application is running

Take Out The Advantages Of Azure Monitoring

  • Build, deploy, manage the apps in a quick and earlier way by customizing the cloud software
  • Flexibility that enables to choose functionalities as per our requirement
  • Agile infrastructure and application results improves operation and scalability
  • Built in support to analyze data and derive insights to manage services
  • Integration testing and source control make sure there are no issue in integration and continuity

Cloud Infrastructure Observability

Azure enables to monitor the health and performance for better managing and utilization of Azure hosted resources.

  • Alert and metric dashboards enables to get oriented to the Azure activity directory environment
  • Custom queries enables deep dive to find root causes
  • Monitor user experience by taking a look into performance of website and web-based application hosted with azure
  • Web page monitor provides you with the specific element performing low, which makes way more easier to resolve the issue
  • Custom dashboards to report on build/release and agile metrics.
  • Full stack visibility into application’s dependencies like databases, containers, etc.

Detect Faster

  • Alerts on metrics by monitoring data sources. These include
    • Metric values
    • Health of azure platform
    • Website availability
  • Deliver insights from streaming data effortlessly in real time
  • Big data analysis and AI enabled capabilities for anomaly detection
  • Visualise data using preferred data visualisation tool

Integrates With Azure Services

Here are some of all services provided by cavisson, but are not limited to:

  • API management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Diagnose performance issue
  • Azure Data factory
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • SQl managed instances
  • Azure cost management
  • Azure storage accounts
  • Managed container instances
  • App service environment
  • Application gateway
  • Azure cognitive
  • AzureApiManagementService
  • Container services
  • Customer insights
  • DevOps
  • Databricks
  • Data catalog
  • Power BI embedded
  • Receiver for HD insights
  • Data share
  • Service fabric
  • Dedicated hosts
  • Static web apps
  • Windows virtual desktops
  • AzureVirtualNetworkGateway
  • VM ware solution
  • Active directory
  • Cache for Redis
  • Database migration services
  • Azure boards
  • DevTest labs
  • Azure monitor
  • Devops tool integration
  • Azure Xamarin
  • Content delivery network
  • Azure private link
  • Network watcher
  • AzureWebAppService
  • Virtual WAN
  • Internet Analyzer
  • Web application Firewall
  • Active directory domain service
  • Information protection
  • Dedicated HSM
  • StorSimple
  • Azure managed Disks
  • HPC Cache
  • Azure backups
  • Data box
  • Archive storage

Transform With Modern Monitoring

  • Make Build and release pipelines for CI/CD automation better and faster
  • Data driven workflows in the cloud automates data movement
  • Isolate application changes that are causing issues and remediate
  • Automatically quarantine application if security alerts are raised