Customer Experience – The New Battlefield

Customer Experience yesterday & today!

Customer experience has always been a key to business success and continues to be so in today’s wired, connected world.

Leading brands continue to invest in innovative technologies to provide truly amazing experience to their customers. There’s ever growing focus and investments into the customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.

What’s your differentiation?

Consumers or customers accustomed to the convenience of online interactions have great expectation and do not hesitate in switching a service provider on any instance of unfavorable experience. On the other hand enterprises continue to burden their already overloaded infrastructure to ensure they are able to retain the customer. In an ecommerce or a retail scenario where product brands are the same and prices can be matched across different retailers, Customer Experience is the only differentiation!

A study says that 86% of the buyers will pay more for a better customer experience

Make Customer Experience Your Winning Formula!

 By 2020, customer experience will take over price and product as the brand differentiator.

Ability to monitor measure and optimize!

Online Customer Experience (OCX) is largely impacted by performance issues. Issues can be anywhere – at the front-end (browser), or at the network layer, or at the back-end (system or application layer).

What you need is ability to monitor these layers and correlate the corresponding impact to the customer experience.

And, for that, you need a solution that collects huge amount of data, perform complex computations in real-time, correlate, trigger alerts and notify users with decision making insight.

End-to-end Performance Monitoring Suite

Largely organizations spend millions in acquiring technologies (from different vendors) to achieve some or all of the above requirements to ensure they offer exceptional buying experience to their customers.

But, these products from different vendors weren’t designed to work with other products and hence it’s a big ask for users to integrate them and make them work together.

Cavisson offers end-to-end performance monitoring suite that allows you to monitor:

1.     Customer experience (along with session replay and client-side or real user monitoring)

2.     Application performance (comprehensive system level, application level and network level monitoring)

3.     Logs

And, provides ability to drill-down and conduct root cause (RCA) analysis right up to the code level or the method level details upon identification of an issue at any level.

This monitoring suite is made up of 3 products that are loosely coupled, yet tightly integrated (purposefully designed to speak) to each other.

NetVision (Customer Experience Management Suite)

NetDiagnostics (Comprehensive APM Suite)

NetForest (Log Monitoring and Analysis)

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