Powerful Log Monitoring and Analysis Solution

Learn, why our customers selected NetForest over other Products

Cavisson NetForest is the next generation software that makes use of server logs to troubleshoot performance issues and to understand user behavior. NetForest allows its users to slice and dice machine-generated Big Data for decision-making insights. Pattern recognition and correlation analysis are some of the strong features to help software developers and performance engineering teams carry-out root cause analysis for optimizing application performance.

Why NetForest?

Cavisson NetForest allows organizations:

  • Vendor independent, full text search and visualization product for log analysis
  • Powerful Big-data visualization with use of aggregation capabilities
  • Clustering of nodes, data distribution and replication for scaling and redundancy
  • Data correlation and diagnostics via seamless integration with Cavisson products; e.g. NetDiagnostics

Analyze. Diagnose. Fix.

Cavisson NetForest is an enterprise-scale fully integrated software product for comprehensive log monitoring and analysis. NetForest’s ability to integrate seamlessly with other products including NetDiagnostics makes it unique to diagnose performance issues and optimize applications before it impacts customers or revenue.
Cavisson NetForest supports wide range of commonly used application servers along with their log format and structure. The user-friendly intuitive graphical interface with reporting and analytical dashboard allow users to visualize data and get answers to their mysteries hidden within the raw data.

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