Powerful Online Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform

Learn, why our customers selected NetVision over other Products

Cavisson NetVision is a powerful and comprehensive solution to ensure exceptional online customer experience via monitoring responsiveness and ease of interactions with online assets. NetVision offers great insight into customer responsiveness and ability to record and replay entire user session along with interactions to determine any anomalies within the application that may affect user experience or revenue. Leading fortune 500 companies rely on Cavisson to boost their customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.

Why NetVision?

  • An integrated product suite with powerful features covering various measurement aspects.
  • An extremely powerful machine learning based anomaly detection and alerting.
  • A sophisticated pattern matching for root case analysis fueled by Cavisson’s propriety big data engine.
  • Real-time insights on performance, availability, conversions and revenue, alerts and actionable analysis of issues
  • A powerful mechanism to collect real-time customer feedback to fix and enhance application performance for creating an exceptional buying experience.
  • To drill down to the root cause of a bad user experience via tight integration with NetDiagnostics and NetForest. NetDiagnostics integrates seamlessly with all four products within NetVision.

Integrated Product Suite

NetVision is an integrated suite of products, offering four distinct functionalities that complement each other.

  • Synthetic Monitoring (SM)
  • Real-User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Online Customer Experience (OCX)
  • Customer Feedback (CF)
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