360 Degree Cloud Visibility Using Cavisson

360 Degree Cloud Visibility Using Cavisson
In today’s hyper connected world every organization is using the cloud infra/ computing engine, cloud services in one or the other way for their mission critical application. As cloud infra is becoming an integral component of IT Operations, it is important to ensure its availability with continuous monitoring . Cavisson Cloud Monitoring includes monitoring of cloud based applications as well as the infrastructure ensuring everything is working seamlessly and helps in operational and performance optimization.
Cloud Monitoring accesses the elements of cloud-based services and applications to review the application infrastructure.

Why Cloud Monitoring is Crucial?

Cloud Monitoring is known for better support and control of cloud platforms. By opting Cloud Monitoring always keep an eye on cloud infrastructure, resources, and services to keep a track on the performance of the application and identify the anomalies.


Application Performance 2.0

Enabling Revenue Growth and Profitability

“We believe that our InternetTrue and KeyData technologies are the future of performance engineering. And, that’s the reason why forward-thinking enterprises have chosen Cavisson as their enterprise strategy for performance engineering!”  says Anil Kumar, Founder, and CTO of Cavisson Systems.

Cavisson Performance 2.0 featured by Asia Inc.500


Customer Experience – The New Battlefield

Customer Experience yesterday & today!

Customer experience has always been a key to business success and continues to be so in today’s wired, connected world.

Leading brands continue to invest in innovative technologies to provide truly amazing experience to their customers. There’s ever growing focus and investments into the customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.


Cavisson – One of the Most Promising APM Solution Providers 2017 by CIO Review

Fremont, CA – 24 May, 2017 – Cavisson Systems Inc, a global leader in performance testing, and monitoring is recognized for excellence and innovation in Application Performance Management (APM) by CIO Review. “Cavisson solution not only runs root cause analysis but also suggests a fix followed by certification of the fix for production”, said Vignesh Anatharaj, managing editor, CIO Review.

“It’s an honor to be positioned as a leader within APM space. This only validates the value our technology brings to the customers to be successful,” said Anil Kumar, chief technology officer, Cavisson Systems.

Cavisson NetDiagnostics is a powerful APM for both lab and production environment. There are several unique features that set us ahead of competition but on a high level what makes NetDiagnostics a preferred choice for our customers is:

  • Huge data management –
    • Comprehensive network, system, VM,JVM,DB, service level monitoring
    • Transaction and finer grained code / method level timing
  • Powerful multi-way comparison with historical data
  • Extremely powerful Pattern matching analysis for RCA
  • Highly Sophisticated & Unique dynamic Load index-based alerts
  • Extremely powerful diagnostics by correlating customer experience with server data via NetVision and NetForest.

Download the CIO Review APM report, alternatively visit CIO Review to access APM Special – review of Cavisson NetDiagnostics.

For additional information on the APM features please visit NetDiagnostics APM Features webpage. To learn more about Cavisson Systems Inc., visit www.cavisson.com

APM ReviewAbout Cavisson Systems
Cavisson Systems is a silicon valley based software company. Our performance testing and monitoring solution is used by some of the leading banks, retailers, and network service providers and have transformed the way they approach digital transformation and customer experience initiatives. Our product suite ensure maximum quality and availability of their mission critical applications (including desktop and mobile) and directly influence revenue by helping them provide the best possible buying experience to their customers. www.cavisson.com