Is Your Code Production-ready?

Is Your Code Production-ready?

I was asked this question by a retail customer (having an e-com presence) during an executive briefing. Since holiday season is approaching fast, almost every retailer and even banks and other B2C businesses have the same dilemma – How to ensure smooth sailing through the peak season?

Our experience has it that in real world scenario no code is ready till the last minute. There are continuous changes and updates happening till the last moment – some technology driven and some business driven. So the onus is on the performance engineering side to ensure all stats are captured in an event of aberrations or hiccups.

Its the months of preparedness that helps ensuring that your code is production-ready! Months? That’s correct! While you are going through this post, performance engineering teams at these organizations are sweating it out for executing continuous performance tests for releases and updates to their application to support peak season.

It is a stressful time, but it doesn’t has to be one. A little bit of right set of methodologies, best practices, combined with some great technology should be able to see you home.

Coming back to the extension of the question from our customer. What all do I need to jumpstart? What kind of alerts should I implement and which are the most important of them? What’s you experience on the key methods that we need to monitor or trace? What server or Java GC settings would be optimum?

If the code/application is not production-ready then it will impact customer experience and revenue

Cavisson has in-depth experience of helping some of the global leading brands prepare for the peak season as well as monitor production environment during and even after the peak. The end-to-end performance monitoring suite allows these enterprises to not just monitor customer experience, network level stats, system health, but also leverage logs to drill down to the code or the method level upon identification of performance issue at any level.

Which alerts should I implement?

Our machine learning-assisted advance alerting technology helps users to get rid of false alarms. You may configured alerts at various layers of monitoring and for specific stats that are most important to you. [click here to know more]

What key metrics should I monitor first?

Understanding an application is extremely important in trying to setup monitors and alerts. Cavisson suite support a wide range of application development frameworks, technologies and protocols to ensure all key metrics are captured and correlated upon identification of an issue.

Best practices and recommendations

We have a rich experience of working closely with customers engineering teams in past and having solve some great business problems. We leverage this experience and set of best practices to accelerate the go-to-market of you applications.

Over few years we’ve helped our customers achieve up to 4.2 second reduction in page load time, up to 15% increase in overall funnel conversion rate, and averting revenue loss by keeping engineering teams alerted for performance issue along with decision making insights.

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Ajit Raul is responsible for go-to-market strategy of Cavisson NetDiagnostics.

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