Do you know – A single generator can create more than 3 million virtual users for load testing?

In other words, Do you know – A single generator can free you up of operational nightmares (costs, other operational overheads) of managing multiple generators in your performance testing infrastructure.

Today, hundreds of thousands of users hit a website on a daily basis. During peak sales it crosses million/s. Expect your web application to slow down a bit if not becoming unresponsive.


Is Your Code Production-ready?

Is Your Code Production-ready?

I was asked this question by a retail customer (having an e-com presence) during an executive briefing. Since holiday season is approaching fast, almost every retailer and even banks and other B2C businesses have the same dilemma – How to ensure smooth sailing through the peak season?

Our experience has it that in real world scenario no code is ready till the last minute. There are continuous changes and updates happening till the last moment – some technology driven and some business driven. So the onus is on the performance engineering side to ensure all stats are captured in an event of aberrations or hiccups.


Customer Experience – The New Battlefield

Customer Experience yesterday & today!

Customer experience has always been a key to business success and continues to be so in today’s wired, connected world.

Leading brands continue to invest in innovative technologies to provide truly amazing experience to their customers. There’s ever growing focus and investments into the customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.


Do You Know – The importance of having production-like environment for truthful load testing?

Performance testing is a complex activity where dozens of factors contribute to its success. The effective use of all these factors is necessary to get repeatable and consistent performance test results.

Recreating a production-like scenario is an essential part of the whole testing activity because minutest of the differences can completely invalidate the test results.


Is competition your real threat? Think again!

With a little over 2 months into my new job, several customer briefings, here I am, enlightened already with the concepts and importance of “performance”. I am referring to the performance of enterprise systems and applications.

I am beginning to realize that the bigger threat comes from within –Under-performance! No matter how compelling your offering is, a small issue (could be anywhere) can lead your customer out of the door, without a sale. This is what under-performance can do to you; hit you hard, much worse than your competitors.


What Do World-class Applications Have In Common With Sports Superstars?

Pick any – football, basketball, tennis, cricket, ice hockey or any other sports. I am sure your mind has gathered a few associated names already. Roger Federer, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Sachin Tendulkar… All world-class payers within their domains.

Allow me to share my observations and thoughts influenced by a book from the bestseller author Malcolm Gladwell.

Consistency and Performance!