Application observability meets developer observability


In the ever-changing software development landscape, having a thorough understanding of your application environment is critical. At Cavisson Systems, Inc., we understand how important visibility is to an organization’s success. By combining application and developer observability, you can gain a comprehensive overview of your environment.

The Evolution of Observability:

In the traditional realm of application observability, the focus has been on monitoring production environments for performance, health, and behavior. While invaluable, this approach often needs to improve in providing insights to developers during the development and testing phases. Enter developer observability, which offers deep insights into code performance. However, maintaining visibility once applications are deployed to production poses a significant challenge.

Bridging the Gap – The Unified Approach: 

Let’s take a look at how Cavisson enables developers with insightful, context-rich information to quickly identify anomalies and reduce MTTD and MTTR (mean time to detect and resolve) critical issues that impact your end-user experience. 

End-to-end Visibility

Cavisson offers a comprehensive solution for achieving end-to-end visibility within the application lifecycle. Through a holistic approach, we enable the identification of performance bottlenecks and anomalies, empowering teams to optimize application performance and enhance the user experience by collecting data from various sources, such as infrastructure, application, networks, and databases, via a single agent, allowing you to visualize the flow of applications and gain a comprehensive understanding of their behavior, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

DB Monitoring
Integration of application observability with E2E view

Granular Insights

Cavisson empowers informed decision-making and fosters continuous improvement by delivering comprehensive insights into every facet of the application environment. Leveraging our Transaction Flowmap, we offer granular visibility spanning from individual transactions to holistic system-wide performance metrics.

Our approach delves deep into the intricacies of application performance, providing method call details and exception insights to illuminate every aspect of your system’s behavior. This granular level of analysis equips stakeholders with the nuanced understanding necessary for precise decision-making and the ongoing enhancement of application performance.

Delivering granular insights into every aspect of the application environment. with the Transaction Flowmap
Granular insights from individual transactions to system-wide performance metrics with method call details and Exception details.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Encouraging collaboration between development and operations teams involves communicating anomaly severity rules via email alerts. This ensures both teams understand the severity of issues, promoting faster resolution and enhanced teamwork. Here we can get notifications via Spark, Teams, slack, and other integrated collaboration tools. 

Integrations with Cisco Spark, MS Teams and Slack
Communicating anomaly severity rules via email alerts

Encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams facilitates more efficient problem-solving and enables effective resolution of complex issues. In the case of errors or exceptions, fostering collaboration allows teams to quickly identify the exact line of code responsible by analyzing the stack trace alongside the source code, facilitating a streamlined flow for issue resolution.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability is super important for modern cloud apps to work smoothly. Imagine your app suddenly gets super popular – it needs to handle all those extra users without crashing. That’s where Application Performance Management (APM) comes in. It helps businesses see where their app might slow down and make sure the system can handle more users without slowing down.

APM solutions need to be able to grow and change with the apps and the cloud systems they’re working with. Whether it’s dealing with lots of little parts (microservices) in the cloud or one big chunk (monolithic apps) on your servers, they need to be flexible.

They should be like chameleons, able to change and adjust as needed. So, no matter what kind of app you’re dealing with or how much it grows, the APM solution can handle it. That’s how they make sure your app keeps running smoothly, no matter what.

“Unlocking Comprehensive Environmental Visibility with Cavisson Systems”

Cavisson Systems plays a pivotal role in facilitating organizations’ attainment of a complete 360º perspective of their environment by bridging the gap between application observability and developer observability. Through seamless integration of application performance monitoring (APM) with developer tools and workflows, Cavisson empowers teams to delve deeply into their applications’ runtime behavior and the underlying codebase. This integrated approach facilitates proactive issue identification and resolution, performance optimization, and enhanced user experiences throughout the software development lifecycle. With Cavisson Systems, teams can unlock unparalleled visibility and agility, fostering innovation and competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


In conclusion, the fusion of application observability with developer observability marks a significant milestone in the realm of software development. The traditional approach to monitoring production environments is enhanced by the integration of developer insights, providing a holistic view of the application lifecycle. This unified approach, championed by Cavisson Systems, enables teams to identify and address performance issues at every stage, from development to production.

With Cavisson Systems, organizations can unlock unparalleled visibility and agility, driving innovation and competitiveness in the dynamic digital landscape. Cavisson paves the way for continuous improvement and enhanced user experiences throughout the software development lifecycle by bridging the gap between application and developer observability.

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About the author: Parul Prajapati