Cavisson NetVision

NetVision is a customer experience monitoring technology that records all visitors’ interaction with a website. Captures and manages visitor interactions on a customer’s web site in the cloud and on premise. It provides extensive visibility into customers’ online experiences and insight into customer behaviors within web browsers.

NetVision provides real-time method to capture what each visitor is doing and seeing on each page, across a visitor session. To do this, NetVision records all web page timings components (DNS, Connection, download etc.) and actual request and response by doing instrumentation of the webpage. This enables stake holders to have visibility into the online experience across a visitor session, and insight into the customer behaviors that occur in web browser.

NetVision features enable a user to:

  • Capture detailed network traffic passively with no impact on site performance.
  • Provide extensive visibility into customer interactions on web sites, including in-page interactions that occur solely in the browser.
  • Discover unexpected customer experiences and discover customer struggles in near real time.
  • Allows user to quickly diagnose and resolve site obstacles.
  • Clicking heat maps let user discover where visitors click on a page & on which content.
  • Click map show the percentage of the clicks on the particular page over the period of time.
  • Replay the actual session of any user(s) anywhere in the process at any time.
  • Visitor Session Recording and Session Playback.
  • Watch recordings of visitors’ full browsing sessions to discover exactly how they use site.
  • Integrated Feedback system.

Here are the various resources available for NetVision:

User Manual (use the left bar menu to browse through the topics),

Installation Guide,

White Papers and Datasheet, and

Demo Videos