Performance Testing & Capacity Analysis Appliance

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Cavisson NetOcean captures and simulates production environment like behavior and performance characteristics of back-end systems and third party applications – needed by development and testing team, and make these characteristics available within test environment.

Cavisson NetOcean supports a wide range of technologies and protocols across web platforms for testing purposes. This document provides a quick insight into these supported technologies and protocols.

Technologies and Protocols

Technologies Protocols
Services and Protocols Web Services Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP2, REST, SOAP, Hessian
Others: IMAP, FTP, DNS, XML, JSON, WebSocket
ESB / Middleware Protocols, TIBCO JMS
Database Protocols: JDBC
Proprietary: TCP, UDP
Platforms: TIBCO-EMS, IBM-MQ, Kafka
SMS Gateway Providers: SMTP, POP3
Bill Payments Services: Gift card- PINPAD, AJB
Others Virtual Service Creation Methods: RR pair, Recording, Network Capture (WSDL, RAML, WADL, Swagger), Scratch, Bulk import/recording of transactions
VS Test Data Management (Dynamic responses, Magic strings, Data support with random test data, etc.)
Restful API’s and command-line interfaces to integrate with CI/CD
Application Testing (Regression, Functional, Performance testing of the SUT)
Continuous Validation Service (schedule automated test cases)
Conversations and state (Support stateful conversations, remembering a change made in the backend, and reflecting that change with subsequent requests.)
Support for Performance Testing
Mimic live-system response time in VS (Think time)
Service Time delay
Version controlling of Service Definition with easy rollback
Connection timeout simulation
Advanced Thick client and mature web-based portal to create, deploy, manage virtual services
Customization of the ‘out-of-the-box’ features of the tool- “callback”
Support for Data driven virtual services (xls, csv)
Run time changes – Global/ Service level, add, delete
Chunk encoding, Content encoding, Date header, Tracing, Continuous server monitoring (NO)
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