Back-end Application Simulation and Service Virtualization Solution

Learn, why our customers selected NetOcean over other Products

Cavisson NetOcean is a feature rich enterprise-ready back-end application simulation and service virtualization solution, the capabilities of which, by no means are restricted to the features mentioned below:

  • Highly Stable in Most Demanding Environments: More than a decade of experience in addressing application performance testing challenges around service virtualization or back-end system simulation. NetOcean has passed the test of working at some of the most complex and demanding situations at leading network infrastructure companies.
  • Easy Test Automation: Availability of a Java API to automate controller and service management makes NetOcean developer’s first choice.
  • Most Comprehensive Protocol Support: NetOcean provides support for an extremely large set of protocols for:
    • Simulating http/ https based services – SOAP, XML, HTML, AJAX/ JSON.
    • Supporting FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, java, EJB, JMS, JDBC, CICS MF, MQ, Hessian, etc.
    • Supporting application services like Chase payment processing gateway, VISA issuers/merchant, Blackhawk network gift card processing, Responsys email, Cheetah mail, ReD (Retail Decisions).
  • Power of Appliance with Ease of Cloud: NetOcean is designed to function and perform as an appliance, yet it is extremely easy to maintain and deploy. It can be used as a virtual machine. There are absolutely no complexities related to upgrade, maintenance, sandbox or concerns regarding conflicting software version.
  • Extremely Powerful Appliance: A single appliance is capable of handling load, 100-1000x more than other legacy solutions available.
  • Internet True™ WAN simulation: Real-life simulation of WAN within the controlled lab environment, allowing to mimic geographically distributed load pattern along with varying bandwidth behavior.
  • Lightning Fast Service Virtualization: The deployment of service is a fast single step process.
  • Version Controlling of Service Definition: With changes or upgrades to the end-point service, it is extremely important to keep and manage version control for services created. NetOcean lets you do that with ease and to also enable an easy roll-back.
  • Statistical Distribution of Services Time:This is to mimic a response served from a real end point server. In a practical scenario, the response time from the endpoint server may vary with applied load. This real-life response time can be simulated using the service time settings provided by NetOcean
  • Extremely Easy to Manage: NetOcean has a built-in automated management and monitoring of the appliance and controllers. There’s no need for a dedicated administrator to manage the appliance.
  • Customization of Simulated Services: NetOcean offers rich parameterization styles to help create appropriate data to be served by simulated services. This is extremely useful in testing scenarios with variation in load parameters and subsequent response to each request.
  • Advanced Forwarder Settings: While forwarding a service from NetOcean to the real end point, you can now perform more configurations like adding custom headers, connection timeout or ratio of requests to be forwarded. Configuration can be applied at all the levels according to feasibility.
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