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Use of Cloud server in Performance testing In NetCloud

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Today, businesses think that delivering a complete digital experience of an eCommerce site is more than just page speed and load times. This is why performance testing is becoming a major responsibility for software testers. For performance testing of web application we have a a tool Named as NetCloud it helps us to create a real time environment for performance testing. Netcloud product can be relate to the vast version of netstorm by using cloud servers.

In Netcloud, cloud servers are used to generate load by creating N number of Virtual Users for load testing and these servers called as Generators
Generators have the capacity to generate billions of Virtual User at one time for performance testing. Here cloud server plays a very important role it provide us various

Reasons to use the Cloud Server in performance testing

1) Supports Testing Scalability
With a cloud-based platform, performance testing doesn’t have to be with a restricted number of users, the testing can be more realistic with hits from the expected number of users.

2) Supports Geographical Testing
Performance testing on a cloud can be done from any region, wherever the application is expected to be accessible, hence global scaling is also possible.

3) Supports testing Production Apps/Systems
Most of the time, the testing is restricted to Staging or test environment, but with the use of cloud-based testing tools, testing can be done in production environment also.

4) Reduces Overall Cost
Using cloud as a platform for test reduces the need for installation setup and maintenance of hardware’s, which in turn reduces the overall cost.