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How NetStorm can Help in Performance Testing?  


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27/11/2018 3:11 pm  

NetStorm is a load generation tool that mimics activities of hundreds of thousands of users sending requests to and receiving responses from websites in a customized and controlled manner.  NetStorm can use multiple protocols to interact with target website. NetStorm achieves this by creating virtual users that make these connections to server(s), sends requests and processes the responses received in an orchestrated manner. Apart from requests and responses, it also collects data from websites to monitor performance.

kirankumar paita
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03/09/2020 6:18 pm  

NetStorm is a feature rich enterprise-ready, next generation Performance Testing and Capacity Analysis solution, the capabilities of which, by no means are restricted to the features mentioned below
1)Massive, internet scale load generation
2)Internet-TrueTM WAN simulation
3)Internet-TrueTM load modeling
4)Web user behavior simulation
5)Client Side Testing
6)Powerful monitoring and diagnostics
7)Production Scenario Recreation
8)Reporting and Dashboard
9)Goal based scenario design
10)Built-in internet topographies
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