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Cavisson Alert Management System.

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In web Dashboard, there is an Alert generator engine on the basis of predefined user rules. User needs to make a scheduler for the alerts by defining the value of graph - critical, major or warning. Alert scheduler checks these values from defined rules for specified period which is called Alert interval. Alert scheduler gets the alert if values of any specified graph go beyond the specified range.

When an application issue or outage occurs, then user needs to monitor the application. So, user can define a set of Health Rules where each rule contains a set of conditions that maps to key performance indicators measuring the health status of the application. In this case, user actively receive alerts or notifications about performance degradation before an actual issue or outage happens. To receive alerts or notifications and automatically perform some operations, such as mail, Thread Dump, TCP Dump, SNMP trap, user needs to define certain set of rules with conditions. When a condition is met, an alert is generated and a notification is sent to user via email or message.

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