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Automation of unique functional test case generation  


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21/11/2019 3:17 pm  

Do you provide a provision to execute functional test along with the performance?

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26/11/2019 3:44 pm  

Cavisson’s NetTest can help you to identify the unique functional test cases that needs to be automated for coverage of application functionality as observed in production deployment by using Real User Monitoring (NetVision) captured data.


  • Faster Delivery: Deliver Quick and Superior in Agile and DevOps cycle
  • Scale Down Schedule: Reduce Regression Testing Time to Minutes
  • Convenience: Maximize Reuse and Minimize Test Maintainability
  • Ease and Transparent: Gain Clear Insight into Business Uncertainty

Key Components

  • Test Case Generation: Automatic generation of test case is the whole idea behind NetTest. It processes real user sessions captured in NetVision, uses ML techniques (which consumes knowledge base collected so far), and generate quality test cases. NetTest’s core concept like Template, Page state etc. helps in generating test suite which covers all possible flow taken by real users.
  • Test Plan Management: Before execution of actual test case, the user has to create a test plan. Test plan may contain test cases of same category (feature), or tests of same priority. NetTest provides easy to use interface to manage test plan.
  • Test Plan Execution: There are two things, which are needed for test plan execution.
    • Execution Profile: Guides NetTest how to execute a test plan.
    • Test Data Mapping: It is another big challenge, which is very well taken care in NetTest. User can upload data set in known formats like csv, xls etc.
  • Dashboard and Reports: NetTest has a feature rich and real time dashboard to monitor a project-testing life cycle closely.
  • Test Database Management: Execution of a test case requires some user inputs, such as name, password. These user inputs are stored in test database. Test database management provides interface to upload test dataset, define test data selection rule, and define form mapping.

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