Cavisson Releases v4.1.8 of Customer Experience and Business Efficacy Management Platform

Cavisson announces general availability of version 4.1.8 of Application Performance Intelligence Platform

The new release features auto scaling, dynamic transactions, discontinued metrics, and dynamic dashboard, and more.

Santa Clara, CA, Aug 08, 2017 – Cavisson Systems Inc., a leading provider of application performance intelligence platform, today announced the general availability of the new product release v4.1.8, introducing some major features in almost every product including – auto scaling, dynamic transactions, provision to include/exclude discontinued metrics in the display, and dynamic dashboard.

The shift towards cloud infrastructure has prompted for the need to auto-scale as per the need at any given point in time. To cater this necessity, the new release introduces an advanced auto-scaling feature. The idea is to keep performance engineering team focused and show them what they want to see and when they want to see without bothering about the logistics.” said Anil Kumar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cavisson Systems.

Using Dynamic Transaction feature, transaction name can be discovered in run-time based on the response or other parameters, which generates values at run time.

This release introduces a feature – Discontinued Metrics, where user are able to view metrics that loose data while in execution. “No metrics are missed; this brings micro level analysis to our customers.” said Neeraj Jain, Vice President of Engineering, Cavisson Systems.

Besides this, and numerous other new features and enhancements, the more dynamic web dashboard improves the ease of use. New alert conditions such as absolute increase/decrease/change and percent increase/decrease/change allow users to gain more advantage from an already superior advance alerting mechanism.

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