Cavisson Releases v4.1.6 of Customer Experience and Business Efficacy Management Platform

Cavisson announces general availability of version 4.1.6 of Application Performance Intelligence Platform

The new release features load-index based advanced alerts, and an all new powerful web dashboard, besides other new features.

Santa Clara, CA, Sept. 29, 2016 – Cavisson Systems Inc., a leading provider of application performance intelligence platform, today announced the general availability of the new product release v4.1.6, introducing some major features in almost every product including – load index based alerts, light-weight yet a very powerful and responsive Web Dashboard, and auto scaling.

Load-index based alerts are meant to eliminate false alarms and provide meaningful adaptive alert mechanism. For example, if load (PVS or request/sec) increases, normally the metrics like CPU and Response time also increase, and hence the baseline for CPU/Response time should be created as per the load value to avoid false alerts. “We’ve worked closely with end-users to understand their challenges around alerts. Load index based alert mechanism is surely going to transform the way alerts are being managed today.” said Anil Kumar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cavisson Systems.

Web dashboard is one of the major attractions of this release which supports all the features of current dashboard (some enhanced) along with new features. A web dashboard works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices (Android/IOS), with minimum usage of client-side resources offering better performance delivery.

“The light-weight responsive web dashboard is a definite game changer for our customers because of its rich capabilities and enhanced layout leveraging widget based mechanism.said Neeraj Jain, Vice President of Engineering, Cavisson Systems.

With Auto scaling feature, all the additions/ deletions of tiers/ servers/ instances at run time will be handled dynamically allowing monitoring agents to monitor such tiers/ servers/ instances without any fall. With this engineering teams need not worry about last minutes additions of the changes to the servers, which generally happens too often.

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