Cavisson Announces General Availability of R 4.1.15

The new release features capabilities around unified dashboard, reengineered NetHavoc, Slack integration with alerting, and SAP support besides other compelling new features.

Santa Clara, CA, July 08, 2019 – Cavisson Systems Inc., a leading provider of performance engineering platform, today announced the general availability of the new product release v4.1.15, introducing some major features in almost every product. Some of these include unified Dashboard, reengineered NetHavoc, slack integration with Alerts, and SAP support.

Cavisson has provided end-to-end capability within a single Dashboard where the performance users can navigate issues faced on the browser and can drill-down to method level issues and corresponding logs within the same Dashboard.

The unified Dashboard takes care of integration of various modules of Cavisson Product suite. All the menu options are restructured and seamless integration of multiple components have been done.

“Our product suite is “tightly integrated yet loosely coupled”. Keeping this notion in mind, we’ve facilitated integration between various components of our product suite. The users can now seamlessly move between components securely and uninterrupted  by logging into them just once. For us, it validates the hard work and tireless efforts of our people to achieve great results.” said Anil Kumar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cavisson Systems.

Our powerful resilience testing software, the NetHavoc feature has been reengineered with improved capabilities. Most importantly, the look and feel of the UI is changed. The multiple menu items are more comprehensive and include detailed and organized options. The feature gets its own separate window and has a separate Report section in which a user can view usage, types, and summary of the havocs at one place.

Now, with the integration of alerts extensions with Slack (a latest communication and collaboration tool) Cavisson has created a new channel for the notification of every alert. A user can now send the Alert incident in Slack application.

“Noted as being among the strongest businesses for performance engineering platform, we have intently worked with customer groups, comprehended their key torment focuses, investigated for the most ideal answers to fulfill their needs, and strived for its usage with full vitality and commitment.” said Neeraj Jain, Vice President of Engineering, Cavisson Systems.

Several new monitors have been implemented now to capture SAP HANA metrics. These monitors provide monitoring of different stats, some of them are: number of users in the database, schema memory of database, peak memory, physical memory, allocate memory, save points, backup, network, active connections, and disk usage. Click here for more details.

“With fast growing needs of customers and intention to cope up with the latest technologies and monitoring support, we are continuously striving to meet the customers’ expectations and produce the best results by adopting the cutting edge technologies in Cavisson product suite. We will continue to be passionate about helping our business partners succeed and help the customers we serve be successful in life.” said Sandeep Gupta, Vice President of Technology, Cavisson Systems.

These are just few of the new features in Cavisson 4.1.15 release, to know more, please visit

About Cavisson Systems Inc.

World’s leading brands, including retailers, network providers, and financial institutions, rely on Cavisson product suite to enhance performance, quality, and availability of their enterprise systems and applications. Cavisson’s performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics software, helps enterprises maximize up-time and optimize server response time for seamless transactions and exceptional buying experiences, by:

  • Detecting and isolating issues early in the application life-cycle, and
  • Alerting and diagnosing issues quickly anywhere across the enterprise.

We’ve been recognized among 10 Most Promising APM solution providers besides being recognized as Top Innovator in performance testing and service virtualization space by CIO review and a leading Market Research Firm.

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