Cavisson Announces General Availability of R 4.1.11

The new release delivers many new powerful features besides enhancements to existing features.

Santa Clara, CA, April 2, 2018 – Cavisson Systems Inc., a leading provider of application performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics software suite, today announced the general availability of the new product release v4.1.11, introducing a lot of new features besides technology upgrade as well as feature enhancements.

To be a strong contender in market, we’ve continuously strive extending our support for latest technologies and hence from this release onwards, support is provided for latest NodeJS version (NodeJS 9.x version) and implementation of NodeJS agent with this version.

“As we are a technology driven company, we’ve to cope with latest technologies and advanced solutions. We are continuously incorporating such cutting-edge technologies in our product suite for enriching them and compete in market.” said Anil Kumar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cavisson Systems.

Our product suite is “tightly integrated yet loosely coupled”. Keeping this notion in mind, we’ve facilitated integration between NetForest and NDE to provide a cohesive dashboard that illustrates both ND data as well as NF visualizations at one place only.

We always strive for providing well-defined and easy to use features for our users. Considering this, we have eliminated the restriction of not getting test run data instantly for multiple tests. We have advanced our solution approach in which user can now start multiple Test Runs from UI and get instant data for all the running tests within the Dashboard.

“As this was a major release, we had closely worked with client teams, understands their key pain points, analyze for the best possible solution to cater their needs and strived for its implementation with full energy and dedication.” said Neeraj Jain, Vice President of Engineering.

Reducing users’ efforts for carrying out certain course of actions is out prime focus. To lessen user efforts and removing anxiety for creating similar profiles on different machines, a new feature is provided where user can import / export a profile and can use across machines.

For coping up with latest technology and testing the application on various devices, we have facilitated our users with an advanced feature, Real Device Testing (RDT), in which we are providing an environment for testing a webpage from different services, i.e., Android, iOS and desktop. User would be able to view Overall and detailed drilldown statistics for the webpages.

Cavisson service recording support has been extended to WSDL and Swagger. Now, user can import all the Services in NetOcean, which are exposed by Client through WSDL / Swagger.

Please visit for R 4.1.11 release notes.

About Cavisson Systems

Cavisson is a leading provider of application performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics software. World’s Leading Fortune 500 brands rely on Cavisson as their enterprise strategy for performance engineering, ensuring maximum quality, performance, and availability of their mission critical applications.

Our technology keeps users stay alerted whenever application performance impacts revenue or the operating cost, besides accelerating go-to-market of their applications, offering exceptional user or customer experience.

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