Cavisson Releases v4.1.5 of Customer Experience and Business Efficacy Management Platform – copy

The new Cavisson platform is about “True Performance Optimization”

Santa Clara, June 23 – Cavisson Systems Inc., a global leader in performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics platform, announced today general availability of the new platform version 4.1.5.

With the release 4.1.5 of Customer Experience and Business Efficacy Management Platform, Cavisson has again emphasized the need and addressed the challenges around performance optimization. We sincerely thank our customer advisory board for their contributions in shaping up this platform to where it is today. Below are some of the key highlights of this release.

Is your current release performing better than the previous one? Trend Analysis Compare Reports let you know along with how & why.
For today’s enterprises, it is a daunting task to know the pace and quantum of improvement in performance, between releases. Trend analysis is a mechanism to compare data between test runs. This feature is useful to see the trend running between these test runs. Though trend analysis is often used to predict future events, it could be used to estimate uncertain events in the past.

“From a business standpoint it allows organizations to compare performance between specific releases and enable engineering teams to stay focused to performance optimization objective”, says Anil Kumar, Chairman and CTO, Cavisson Systems Inc.

The all new Executive Dashboard won’t allow any critical KPIs go unnoticed.
With the new release the already powerful executive dashboard focuses on new layout, flawless visual representation of data, along with added statistical features. It is extremely complex for enterprises to map all metrics related to business arising from servers, applications, and services, on to the executive dashboard. For large organizations the landscape may run short.

“The auto layout, auto fit, and zoom, features let users see every important metrics they need to monitor within their enterprise. These new features won’t allow customers to have any important KPI go unnoticed”, says Neeraj Jain, VP of Engineering at Cavisson Systems Inc.

The power of NetStorm appliance in the Cloud
Cavisson cloud based performance certification platform, NetCloud, in it’s new release comes with redesigned dashboard with hierarchical tree view including features not limited to compare, correlate and derived graphs. It also gives a comprehensive view of different matrices both at the generator level as well as controller level.

NetDiagnostics now supports POJO service entry points, and Cassandra database
By using these entry points a flowpath can be created at execution of any type of method in POJO (Plain Old Java Object). Also, in release 4.1.5, the changes are implemented at BCI side to capture the stats from Non-SQL DB, Cassandra. The user will now be able to capture the queries executed there along with the count of times it has been called.

More Vigilant NetStorm
NetStorm have had a vast set of monitors already. In release 4.1.5, following monitors have been included:
Redis Monitor – To capture stats of Redis, a data structure server. Redis is a popular in-memory key/value data store and known for its performance and simple on-boarding.
Hystrix Thread Pool Monitor – To get the statistics of thread pool exist in Hystrix server.
Apache Solr Monitor – To fetch the Apache Solr statistics using Mbean server connection with JMX.
System Health Check Monitor – Monitors the system’s health.
Windows Monitor – To ensure the availability and smooth operations on a computer network and to measure health stats of MS SQL database on windows server.

About Cavisson

Cavisson Systems is a leading provider of performance intelligence platform that ensures exceptional customer experience and business efficacy of mission critical applications. World’s leading enterprises including retailers, network providers, financial institutions, rely on our product suite for performance, quality, and availability of their enterprise systems and applications. Cavisson platform mitigates risks and reduces probability of losing business opportunities by maximizing up-time, and optimizing response time for users to ensure seamless transactions and exceptional buying experience. Using Cavisson platform for performance testing and monitoring, enterprises can:
 Detect and isolate issues early in the application lifecycle, and
 Alert and diagnose issues quickly anywhere across the enterprise.

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