Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering deals with the operational efficiencies around availability and resiliency of an application or it’s infra. In any enterprise, it is evolved by a team of software engineers responsible for maintaining large-scale application environments and unites development and operations.

SRE deals with best practices like real-time monitoring of applications/services/ Infra and alerting to enhance productivity and development practices to automate and improve the system’s health and availability.

How it differs from DevOps

DevOps is more about streamlining development operations for building a robust product. Whereas, SRE is a practice of creating and maintaining a highly resilient service.

DevOps primarily focuses more on the automation, SREs focus on stability and scalability of a production environment, as well as observability.


How Does Chaos Engineering Help with SLAs?

In today’s corporate environment, chaos engineering is the most incredible practice methodology that can change software engineering and qualitative delivery on a larger scale. It deals with the uncertainty of distributed systems in a comprehensive manner and provides a way to modulate them quickly.

Chaos Engineering defines a strategy to learn, how your systems behave with failures. The objective is to ensure applications/ infrastructure are resilient in production with the early investigation.

Identify the root cause of any unusual behavioral breakdown in the system by injecting the failures.


Performance Newsletter February’2020

Driving Revenue Growth and Profitability through Performance Management

Cavisson Delivers Strong Last Quarter -Lots of wins but the most noticeable ones

Pathkind The fastest growing life sciences and healthcare entity, making superior quality diagnostics services accessible to the masses at an affordable price through innovative means, adopts Cavisson as their enterprise strategy for performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics. Cavisson NetStorm is used for performance testing and NetDiagnostics and NetVision is currently being used to monitor the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in both pre-prod and production.
National Health Authority NHA has a network of more than 150,000 wellness and healthcare centers across the country with more than 10 million beneficiaries registered as patients (just a little over a year of inception). This count is continuously growing. But when fully implemented Ayushman Bharat (the flagship program of affordable care) will become the world’s largest fully government-financed health insurance mission.
Cavisson NetStorm will be used for Testing the applications and NetDiagnostics and NetVision will monitor the performance of their applications.