Cavisson Announces General Availability of R 4.1.12

The new release features capabilities for resilience testing, single sign on, and BOT detection, besides other new features.

Santa Clara, CA, Aug. 08, 2018 – Cavisson Systems Inc., a leading provider of application performance intelligence platform, today announced the general availability of the new product release v4.1.12, introducing some major features in almost every product including – Support for Resilience Testing, Single sign on (SSO) support through OKTA, BOT detection, and GCP cloud monitoring.

Applications in today’s competitive environment have to be well versed for capacity and should be flexible enough to cope up with the faults occurred unintentionally. To overcome this, a new feature named NetHavoc has been added to test the resilience of applications by injecting various kind of faults into the application infrastructure during a load test. Cavisson’s powerful monitoring capability complements by monitoring its after-effects and analyze it further.

“Our powerful resilience testing feature can be leveraged for injecting faults and monitoring its consequences in pre-production environment so that it can be refrained in production environment. We’ve taken our ability to recreate a production-like environment within lab to the next level,” said Anil Kumar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cavisson Systems.

Reducing user effort and removing anxiety for signing-in multiple times for various applications was our core focus, while providing Single Sign On feature using OKTA. With SSO using OKTA, a user logs in once and gains access to different applications, without the need to re-enter login credentials at each application.

“Users can now seamlessly move between services securely and uninterrupted without specifying their credentials each time. This not only improves customer satisfaction and productivity, but also improves compliance and security capabilities.” said Neeraj Jain, Vice President of Engineering, Cavisson Systems.

Bot is not new problem to organizations. Most System Admins are well aware of the different threats bad bots represent. Security is number one priority for Cavisson. Cavisson’s bot detection technology can help enterprises identify sessions that are generated by bots (which may cause harm to the enterprise or the business) and provide intelligence on what to do with these sessions.

“Bot developers are becoming advanced and purposely designing their bots to bypass standard detection solutions, which significantly affects the reputation of any organization. Thankfully, Cavisson Bot detection technology can be leveraged to secure the applications from Bad bots”. said Sandeep Gupta, Vice President of Technology, Cavisson Systems.

To strengthen our monitoring capability, we have now provided GCP cloud monitoring that includes, SQL monitoring, data flow monitoring, data store monitoring, and cloud engine monitoring. Monitoring Kubernetes Container via Prometheus have also enhanced our monitoring competence.

These are just few of the new features in this released in Cavisson 4.1.12 release, to know more, please visit

About Cavisson Systems Inc.

World’s leading brands, including retailers, network providers, and financial institutions, rely on Cavisson product suite to enhance performance, quality, and availability of their enterprise systems and applications. Cavisson’s performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics software, helps enterprises maximize up-time and optimize server response time for seamless transactions and exceptional buying experiences, by:

  • Detecting and isolating issues early in the application life-cycle, and
  • Alerting and diagnosing issues quickly anywhere across the enterprise.

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