Get Ready to Identify Your Performance Blind Spots

With Cavisson Unified Application Performance Monitoring Platform

Cavisson provides a comprehensive and intuitive view of your complete application stack, with multi-layered monitoring, detection, and analysis of key performance data. And, provides granular visibility of your whole application topology from a single dashboard.

Traditional Monitoring tool Cavisson
CPU Overhead High overhead on
application servers
Less than 2% Overhead
Automation Minimal Auto scaling, Auto discovery,
Automated baseline, Automated RCA
Monitoring Capability APM Centric All-in-one: APM, cloud infrastructure, Log Monitoring, OCX (Synthetic, RUM, Session Replay) for cross platform environments
Alerts Basic alerting Machine Learning driven load index
based alerts to reduce false alarms
Automated Actions
with Alerts
N/A Heap Dump, Thread Dump,
TCP dump etc.
Baselining N/A Auto baselining
Deep dive monitoring Business transaction
Response time
Method-level /
Code-level visibility
Scaling Manual Designed for massive scaling /
Auto scaling
Data Retention Limited (for few days only) Unrestricted
Extensibility Real User Monitoring (Minimal)
Synthetic Monitoring (Minimal)
Real User Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring
Customer Feedback
Log Indexing

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