Get Ready to Identify Your Performance Blind Spots

With Cavisson Unified Application Performance Monitoring Platform

Cavisson provides a comprehensive and intuitive view of your complete application stack, with multi-layered monitoring, detection, and analysis of key performance data. And, provides granular visibility of your whole application topology from a single dashboard.

Traditional Monitoring toolCavisson
CPU OverheadHigh overhead on
application servers
Less than 2% Overhead
AutomationMinimalAuto scaling, Auto discovery,
Automated baseline, Automated RCA
Monitoring CapabilityAPM CentricAll-in-one: APM, cloud infrastructure, Log Monitoring, OCX (Synthetic, RUM, Session Replay) for cross platform environments
AlertsBasic alertingMachine Learning driven load index
based alerts to reduce false alarms
Automated Actions
with Alerts
N/AHeap Dump, Thread Dump,
TCP dump etc.
BaseliningN/AAuto baselining
Deep dive monitoringBusiness transaction
Response time
Method-level /
Code-level visibility
ScalingManualDesigned for massive scaling /
Auto scaling
Data RetentionLimited (for few days only)Unrestricted
ExtensibilityReal User Monitoring (Minimal)
Synthetic Monitoring (Minimal)
Real User Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring
Customer Feedback
Log Indexing

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