NetDiagnostics – Next Generation End-to-End Observability Solution

NetDiagnostics - Next Generation End-to-End

Introduction of NetDiagnostics: 

NetDiagnostics is a next generation application performance monitoring (APM) tool developed by Cavisson Systems. Built to assist organizations in identifying the “why” behind application or system level issues, NetDiagnostics provides end-to-end observability by combining application, infrastructure, log and user monitoring in a single platform.

This approach not only eliminates the need to have multiple solutions for monitoring different components of your application landscape but provides context based information by combining varied data sources to assist your teams in drastically reducing the mean time to detect (MTTD).

Combined with NetDiagnostics’ advanced automatic root cause analysis or AutoRCA capabilities, teams are equipped to drill down to accurate root cause thereby also reducing the mean time to resolution (MTTR).