Real Device Testing (RDT)

RDT is a native and hybrid application testing service that enables developers to run their tests on real Android, and iOS devices that are hosted on either public or private cloud.

Supported Applications

Native Apps, Mobile Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps can be tested on Real Device.

Real Device Testing Capabilities

Automate manual testing

NetStorm and RDT can perform automated functional and performance testing of Android & iOS apps and associated services.

Client-side testing

Quantifies the superiority of user experience by viewing a stream of real browser/ application render duration and screenshots while your tests run. It enables you to begin testing within minutes and minimizes operational expenses.

Massive enterprise scalability

  • Number of tests
  • 24×7 availability

Performance test applications for exceptional customer experience on

  • Customer handsets / devices
  • Real mobile browsers

Achieve meaningful and consistent performance results

  • Advance Analytics
  • Compare timing aggregation
  • Compare visual rendering
  • Recommendations

Mix with device / browser load

NetStorm RDT offer a huge selection of devices for manual, visual, and automated testing with various loads. With latest devices and browsers being added frequently, you can assure yourself to have the finest test coverage.

Deep-dive monitoring and analytics

We offer integrated end-user experience monitoring with deep-dive application analytics. With these cutting edge capabilities, you can rapidly identify the root cause of an issue and resolve it.