Ensure your system can handle expected user load
from real-world with Cavisson Performance Testing
and capacity analysis solution

Cavisson provides you a powerful load generartor that provides an accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time (CPRT) enabling IT companies to guarantee the Uptime Service Level Agreements (SLA). NetStorm’s advanced technology efficiently handles load variables, user realism, application realism and network realism. Several Fortune 100 companies are adopting Cavisson NetStorm as their enterprise strategy for Performance Testing.

  Traditional Performance Testing tool Cavisson NetStorm
VUsers 1k VUsers per Gen Massive, internet scale load generation 1M VCU from single machine (1000x of the competition)
Automation Minimal Automate perf test in CI/CD pipeline using Test suite automation.
Simulation Basic user arrival simulation Internet True™ simulations – User behavior, browser, device, bandwidth, network, edge / cache, back-end service, user simulation (e.g., Geo distributed 3G/4G/DSL users)
Parameterization File, Date/Time, Random Number, Unique Value. NS Unique Parameters – File, Search, Declare, XML, SQL, Form, Json, etc. 14 different forms of parameterization
Load Modeling VUsers, Pages per Minute/Hits per Second/Transactions per Second, Transaction Response Time. Advanced load modeling using Goal based scenario types – Fixed session rate, Fixed concurrent users, Mix Mode, Meet specified SLA, and more.
Production scenario reconstruction N/A Production Log Replay using access log replay capability.
Real Browser users Testing Minimal Client side testing besides application load testing, page performance details, Web user behavior simulation (e.g., page reloads and click-away’s by users) using real browsers.
Real Device
N/A Native application testing using Real devices.
Alerts Basic Alerting Machine Learning driven load index based alerts. Automated Actions with Alerts – Heap Dump, Thread Dump, TCP dump etc.
Other Compelling Feature Runlogic, IP Spoofing, Basic Reporting Runlogic, IP Spoofing, Inline Delays, Server Mapping, Network Throttling, Multiway Comparison, Trend Analysis, Reporting (XLS/ Doc/ PDF/ HTML) based on Sessions, Metrics, Transactions, VUsers.

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