Performance Testing Script Converter

Effortless migration of test scripts to ensure the optimized performance and capacity analysis of the application. Convert your existing test scripts using a few clicks to get started with NetStorm performance testing keeping all pre-defined functions from your existing script intact.

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Key Highlights

performance testing in software testing

Seamless Migration

Migrate your scripts without any
cloud performance testing


Ease of script conversion and storage in
Projects and Sub-projects.
web load testing

Reduced Time and Operational Cost

Minimize the operational cost and efforts
involved in re-recording the scripts.


  • Importing the exported scripts from your existing tool.
  • Store the converted scripts in project/sub-project repositories.
  • Design a user arrival model (Scenario) for the converted script.
  • Test execution with minimal effort and operational overhead.
  • Apply NetStorm functions onto the converted scripts.

Moving from another tool to Cavisson, worried about your old scripts?

In just 2 simple steps get your script converted to NetStorm Script | Browse and Convert

Have a preview of the converted script. Design a scenario with a converted Script and you’re ready to test your application’s performance with NetStorm.