Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Database activity monitoring (DAM) identifies and reports on illegal, fraudulent, or undesirable data access in a database, with limited impact on user productivity and daily operations. It provides capabilities like identification and classification, intrusion prevention, application-level analysis, identity and access management (IAM) integration, and support for unstructured data security.

With Cavisson’s unique approach to DAM, organizations can track activity across all major databases like MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL among others to gather invaluable insights on all types of activities happening on your critical databases by analyzing database logs.

DAM Architecture

Key Highlights


Collect, analyze and identify anomalies from database logs

Check modifications done to integral databases, schemas and other assets

Create alerts on suspicious activities

Detect unwarranted user access across your database

Monitor queries being executed on your database with detailed database monitoring

Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations

Monitor database activities effortlessly and with minimal overhead via NetDiagnostics.

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