Internet True Simulation

Internet True Simulation simulates all of the factors that affects the performance of end-user and the system. NetStorm identifies where performance bottlenecks are likely to occur.

Production sized Load Generation

  • Designed in a way to achieve the real world web for performance
    • Ability to generate millions of VU from just 1 or 2 hardware blades.
    • Higher Reliability and Simpler Test Setup (massively reduced systems size).

Real World End-User Behavior

  • Real world transactions require advance scenario modeling:
    • User arrivals rate modeling & Production Logs Replay need instant user generation with minimal memory use
    • User behavior simulation technique for production alike internet users
  • Real Web user community simulation
    • Hitting Browser Refresh button on slow download (avalanche cascading of hits)
    • Click-Away’s on slow response (Premature session closure by end-users)
  • Real Location Based IP Address
    • Server behavior based on User IP: Fraud detection, User location based content

Automatic True Browser Modeling

  • Performance Characteristics Simulation: (IE, Chrome, Firefox, M-Opera…)
    • Not just user-agent string!
    • Unclosed Browser sessions
    • Number of multiple Parallel TCP connections opened
    • SSL Cryptography
  • Simulation of Performance Impact:
    • End-user response time
    • Actual server load & true Capacity Estimates
    • Comprehensive production fault identification

Communication Methods Simulation

  • End-user Network connection : (e.g. fiber, cable, DSL, dial-up, Wi-Fi, cellular)
  • Modem connection behavior
    • Modem compression/decompression (e.g. V.42)
    • Multiple parallel TCP connections to servers sharing modem bandwidth

Internet Simulation

  • Geographically Distributed Web Users (New York, Chicago, and so on)
  • WAN Complex behavior simulation
    • Network packet loss/re-ordering/latency/jitter
    • Web transaction arrival patterns (Self-similar random distribution)

Edge Cache Simulation

  • Edge/Network cache (e.g., Akamai)
    • Network packet loss/re-ordering/latency/jitter
    • Significant impact on web user response time and origin server capacity

Key Capabilities

  • Truthful tests reflecting production reality and never seen before realism!
    • Massive, internet scale load generation (1000x of the competition)
    • Real-life like user and traffic generation
      • Internet based user simulation (e.g., Geo distributed 3G/4G/DSL users)
      • Load modelling (user arrival rate modelling)
      • Production scenario reconstruction via production Log Replay
      • Web user behaviour simulation (e.g., page reloads and Click-Away’s by users)
      • Real browser simulation
    • Powerful what-if scenario simulation for production readiness