Cavisson for DevOps

DevOps Benefits with Cavisson

A DevOps environment aims to address the common challenges faced in the industry by increasing how well technical operations and development teams collaborate in order to create an environment signified by a unified team with cross-functional members. The ideology of this structure is to transform the way these teams work together and the way that software is built by bridging the gap between “dev” and “ops”. Cavisson incorporates these DevOps practices that aids to work in collaboration, thereby resulting in delivery with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.
These are the DevOps benefits with Cavisson:

  • Automate workflows to optimize delivery
  • Improve performance
  • Stay alerted for performance/ revenue impacts or operating expenses
  • Build better and faster
  • Deliver an exceptional user experience
  • Grow revenue and contain operational expenses

Performance Engineering Suite

Performance Testing Monitoring & Diagnostics
NetCloud SaaS based load generation and performance testing NetVision Online Customer Experience (OCX) Management Platform
NetStorm Capacity Analysis Solution NetDiagnostics APM Suite for Lab and Production
NetOcean Backend Application Simulation and Service Virtualization Solution NetForest Log Monitoring and Analysis Solution
NetChannel Complete Network Simulation Solution    

Automate Workflows

Workflow automation is the solution to lost time and inefficient processes. It allows you to minimize the redundant and unnecessary processes. The work flows from person to person, system to system, to the cloud and back without bottlenecks or breakdowns.

One time configuration

Automate and optimize test setups to contain operational costs

Integrated workflows for continuous integration and continuous delivery

Performance test and analyze capacity

Automate & Optimize / Contain Costs

Simplifies the complexity and makes infrastructure stable and scalable.

Optimize operational cost using a centralized repository for multi-purpose usage, such as Script, Scenario, default configurations. Eliminates the depencency of specific environment and removes it after the completion of job.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Improvise the developer workflow by providing rapid delivery schedule with less error prone code.

Build Better and Faster

  • Continuous integration leads faster delivery with rapid executions of Performance test iterations and monitoring of key performance metrics.
  • Analysis of monitoring metrics for the best results
  • Continuous delivery enables faster deployment.
  • Combined automated process enables automated execution using a single platform.

Deliver Exceptional User Experience

  • Identification and RCA of certain performance issues using end-to-end monitoring (Cavisson Unified APM).
  • Quick resolution and fixes to the performance issues
  • Continuous deployment enables user to avail quick updates

Automate Monitoring in Auto-scale Environment

Monitoring across the infra automated

  • Cavisson APM automates monitoring of newly added components in infrastructure by auto-scaling Cavisson monitoring components such as:
    • Database
    • Virtual Machine
    • Application Instances, and the rest.

Stay Alerted for Performance Impacts

Stay alerted whenever the performance impacts revenue or operating expenses
  • Real-time testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Real-time insights into and alerts for a struggling / compromised customer on
    • Browser
    • Mobile app
  • An anomaly such as high CPU, memory or response time
  • Impact on business, revenue or order
  • Trends and Patterns

Additional Features

Keeps you awake in left shift / right shift cycle using some unique capabilities such as:
  • Correlated alerts
  • Predictive alerts
Correlated Alerts
Predictive Alerts

Mastering Success

Flexible Deployment Options
With Cavisson, you have flexible deployment options that will meet your needs today and as you grow. We offer On-Premises, On-Cloud, and SaaS based options.
Ease of Use
Ease of use always ranks highly when it comes to what customers want from a product or service. With Cavisson’s performance engineering software, anyone on your application delivery team can perform performance testing, monitoring, analytics, and diagnostics.
Express ROI
Cavisson believes in investing in DevOps because it not only just integrates seamlessly with release cycles but also accelerates them. The Shift Left philosophy is defect prevention rather than defect detection in the delivery of a project. This entails a faster return of revenue.
Massive Scalability
Cavisson emphasizes on the importance of cloud computing to meet the growing demands of scalability.
  • Scalability of the tools and apps
  • Continuous optimization of the tools and apps – by adjusting to changes in server, bandwidth, and storage capacity
  • No data retention restriction by design or licence
End-to-end Visibility
  • Client side
  • Network
  • Application / Server
  • Database
  • Infra components
  • Code