What Do World-class Applications Have In Common With Sports Superstars?

Pick any – football, basketball, tennis, cricket, ice hockey or any other sports. I am sure your mind has gathered a few associated names already. Roger Federer, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Sachin Tendulkar… All world-class payers within their domains.

Allow me to share my observations and thoughts influenced by a book from the bestseller author Malcolm Gladwell.

Consistency and Performance!

What makes these superstars the best in their domain? Some may say their passion for the game, years of hard work and training, etc. Which is fine, but then why is it so difficult to reproduce more of these successes when we have so many players equally passionate and dedicated to the game as these stars.

In my opinion, it’s the “consistent performance” that has made these sports stars the best in their field!

But from where does this consistency and performance come? It comes from their ability to anticipate! It comes from their ability to predict!

Early anticipation, early adjustments – Great results / winners!

So, if Messi is the best footballer, it’s because his ability to predict opponents move and quickly adapt or improvise. If Federer is the best ever tennis player, it is because his ability to position himself in anticipation to the return from the opponent to play the winner. Some refer to this as technique. What do you think, why Lebron James is ranked #1 and has probably most MVP awards including 2 Olympics gold medals? If Sachin scored most runs in all formats, most centuries and half centuries, it is because of his ability to anticipate the course of ball from the bowler’s action and adjust himself accordingly in just fractions of second. What made them great is their preparedness for their opponent’s next move.

Early detection, early fix – Great customer/ user experience!

The irony is that this ability in human beings diminishes with age, whereas, an application only gets matured.

Talking about applications. The readiness or preparedness or that ability to anticipate what’s going to hit is the key to high performance and eventual success. This is what differentiates a world calls application from an average performing application. And this is what we do at Cavisson. Our product suite enables enterprises to detect issues early in the application life cycle and fix them to ensure exceptional customer experience. Our products also monitor, alert, and diagnose a root cause before it is reported by a user.

World’s leading retailers, financial services organizations, network operators, rely on Cavisson for quality, performance, and availability of their mission critical applications.

How would you ensure that your application is a winner?

*Views expressed are my personal*

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