21st May, 2020 – Release Notes

New and Enhanced Features


  • TestSuite / Jenkins Enhancements
    • Supports new options including Whole scenario, Absolute time, Elapsed time, and Phase for selecting a time period in NS-ND plugin.
    • Allows Decimal and Zero values for defining the critical threshold value, warning threshold value, and overall fail criteria. Decimal is limited to two places only.
    • Allows you to send TestSuite Reports from NetStorm. Using the new Mail Configuration tab, you can configure email settings, select the ‘Send Report as Attachment’, and provide To, Cc, and Bcc fields.
    • Allows you to specify the ‘Threshold As Range’ option as required for each check profile being added in the test case by using a toggle switch present adjacent to each profile in the test case.
  • RBU Enhancements: Enhanced the ability to handle page failures cases by providing the Page Availability matrix, which will be zero in case of page failures, such as 4XX, 5XX, CVFail, ConFail.


  • Enhanced Dashboard Performance: This release boosts the data loading performance of the Dashboard by offering the following enhancements:
    • Quick rendering of data into the widgets and getting displayed in the desired format is the key enabler for performance improvement.
    • Data marked as favorite is now loaded on the dashboard in chunks, where the favorite panel/widget acts as a unit of chunk.
    • Minimized the data loading time in widgets as individual requests are sent for each widget.
    • Improved the sample update with regular time interval.
    • Faster loading of widgets with less data as compared to the widgets having large data.
    • Improved the dragging and resizing of graphs in Design mode.
  • Notification Support in Big Panda: This release supports the sending of notifications to the Big Panda tool:
    • Enables you to configure the Alert Action using the Big Panda extension to send notification.
    • Allows you to view the alert incidents in the Big Panda application.
  • Support for ACL and OKTA login System for ML Dashboard: Now, the Machine Learning (ML) Dashboard login system is more secure with the support of OKTA:
    • Access the ML Dashboard by using the ND login (for both OKTA and ACL).
    • User is redirected to OKTA or ACL login page, where login credentials are validated, before being redirected to ML Dashboard application.
  • Support for Alert Based Thread/Heap Dump in Analyzer: Prior to this enhancement, we were only able to take Thread/Heap Dump using Alert Action but we were unable to analyze it in UI. Now we are able to analyze the Thread/Heap Dump from Analyzer.
  • Logging Info Alert to Alert History through Custom Alert: While generating Alert using Rest API having Severity value as 6, then Info Alert is generated which can be seen in Alert History.


  • Configuration UI: Dynamo Support
    • DB Entry Point Support: Support for the following Dynamo DB entry point:


    •  Callout Support
      • The Dynamo callout support is provided in Transaction FlowMap, Method Call Tree, and BT IP Summary Report.
      • Allows dynamo DB calls in Transaction FlowMap, MCT, and BT IP Summary.
  • Pagination Support for Thread Hotspot Request
    • Improved the overall performance of the displayed thread hotspot data.
    • Loads data in pages to reduce the time in rendering data.
    • A new request is raised whenever the user needs data for any page.


  • Agentless Monitoring Support
    • Easily fetch data using SSH by providing remote server username and password or pass-phrase.
    • Eliminates the need of deploying machine agent on the server side to run any command based monitor.
    • Configure all monitors (Generic Command Based Monitors) on local agent to fetch data from remote servers.
    • Agentless monitoring support is available for Generic Command Monitors.


  • Display of Page Details (by default): Supports the display of page details by default whenever a user clicks on any session.
  • Cluster Enhancement: Sync All Needed Configuration at the Time of Bind to Master: 
    • Provides the capability to synchronize the entire basic configuration itself, which will remove the error chances due to wrong or missing configuration.
    • Eliminates the need for manually configuring all the nodes in case of a cluster.


  • Query Widget Support in Dashboard
    • Dashboard widget settings includes a new feature, which will fetch data from NetForest (NF) using NF REST APIs and display it on the Web Dashboard without opening NF UI.
    • The users do need not to login into NF to see the visualizations and data can be displayed in various formats, such as line, table, bar, and vertical line chart.
  • Java 11 Support (Log Agent and Machine Agent)
    • Provides support for Java 11 for NetForest.
    • Allows you to use Log Agent and Machine Agent both with Java 8 and Java 11 with all the existing features, such as pipeline monitoring, retry, reload, token-bucket etc.
    • Improves the overall performance.
  • Auto Suggestion
    • Supports the auto-suggestion feature to ease the search operation in query string.
    • Enables the user to search a virtually unbounded list for related keywords and phrases, which may or may not match the precise query string. For example if the user type any alphabet like ‘t’, then it should suggest all field starting with ‘t’, such as tier, type etc.
  • Add Reload for Linux Platform and creating systemd service U16
    • Implements the reload functionality and run application as a service in ubuntu.
    • Allows you to reload it using nc (netcat tool) from other machine in the same network and start NF-Forwarder as a service in ubuntu/linux machine.
  • Other Enhancements
    • Allows ‘Append’ query to be used with ‘Lookup’. Earlier, the maximum hits were 10000, which should be max 20000 as lookup was not working. After this enhancement, we are getting max 20000 hits for our query.
    • Introduces the nd-parse plugin at NFDB end to parse the logs, which is sent by ndagent. Earlier, we were using nfagent to parse and send data to nfdb. Now, nfagent is not required if ndparse plugin is present.
    • Supports only one search request at a time by disabling the search button till all the results are retrieved in the NFUI side.
    • Merges the ‘cmon.env’ and ‘nf.env’ files in a single file in ‘cmon.env’ to manage the configuration details in a single file. The naming convention and usage of all the environment variables are same as before.

Bug Fixes

ID Product Description
85667 Installer CavBin Installation failed in a newly created VM
82667 NetCloud Getting Trace on console continuously while starting load test with GUI
83211 NetCloud Garbage value coming in SM metrics in Overall (Generator wise data is correct)
84235 NetCloud LG not ramping up users in WDC NC
86882 NetCloud Not able to start load test in APigee due to no space left on tmpfs file system(/mnt/tmp). It seems that old TRs instances are not being cleaned up.
82217 NetDiagnostics In ‘Method call Details’ window showing wrong data in percentage column due to agent is sending incorrect data.
82246 NetDiagnostics Getting NDP core
82664 NetDiagnostics Getting Straight Line in SNB Machine as data is stuck in receive queue
82822 NetDiagnostics The Query generated from ND side to NF , ndsessionid field is not having all letters in lowercase
83606 NetDiagnostics Pods not coming under Application Metrics due to broken connection
84267 NetDiagnostics Source Code Capturing – BCI fails to capture source code for exception New Design Changes
85440 NetDiagnostics “Time Period” button is not working on Store View (Multi DC)
85799 NetDiagnostics Unable to apply Auto Instrumentation during RTC because of wrong file path fetching by GUI while applying RTC
87036 NetDiagnostics Report Feature not working in case of discontinued enable while generating report from Dashboard.
87507 NetDiagnostics MULTI DC | Widget value is changing in custom timestamp
87700 NetDiagnostics In NV-ND Integration, same Flowpath report is opening while drill down from NV page and session level DDR.
82503 NetStorm Marketing Stress || CM test got stopped because core got generated at nslb_get_group .
82710 NetStorm Visually complete time in page detail report is showing 4.2 sec but in filmstrip the process is complete in 9.3 sec. But after importing session from other TR in existing TR, filmstrip time and visual progress time is different in visual comparison.
83069 NetStorm OUTBOUND MODE | Logs are not getting dumped when configuring Get Log File  monitor in outbound mode.
84052 NetStorm Unable to run any test on production site.
84386 NetStorm Unable to open waterfall due to har files not found on Controller (Partition is not switched by NVM)
84399 NetStorm Observing Core_dump for Tomcat while clicking onto Video Clip icon in page detail report.
87502 NetStorm Report Feature not working in case of discontinued  enable while generating report from Dashboard
87998 NetStorm Monitors directory permissions are not coming correct when installing cmon through bin.
88526 NetStorm Eth stat monitor is not working properly (SunOS solaris 5.11
88528 NetStorm MPStat monitor is not working  properly for (SunOS solaris 5.11
88530 NetStorm Getting wrong data for uptimeEx monitor.(SunOS solaris 5.11
88533 NetStorm FileSystemStats monitor is not working for (SunOS solaris 5.11
88662 NetStorm Thread dump and Heap dump are not working on SunOS.
88777 NetStorm Oracle Monitoring | Additional Queries have been executing for Oracle Activity, Efficiency and ResourceUtilization Stats monitors which can cause high CPU utilization.
88830 NetStorm nsu_server_admin |Solaris| Wrong cmon pid is showing during the cmon restart in inbound mode.
88874 NetStorm Oracle Monitors | Outbound | NS not sending Retry Attempt for monitor configuration because Closed monitor request are not coming from CMON after completion of current retry count value in case Outbound mode.
88875 NetStorm Oracle Monitors | Last sample data is showing in dashboard constantly if DB server is down.
86941 NetStorm CPU Utilization started increasing gradually on client servers due to cmon agent
83319 NetVision Some transaction not having replay button in POC PROD NV
83598 NetVision NV_Test_Rum is not going on other domain after enabling nv_cross_origin as true in config.
85792 NetVision Issues in some features in dashboard originated from NetVision Metrics
85926 NetVision Getting Zero(0) value in multiple metrics of Performance Timing 2 in Dashboard for which metric data present in Page Performance Overview .
84703 TestSuite Jenkins showing test stopped while running test suite having pre script.