Release Notes 4.3.2 B23

New and Enhanced Features in 4.3.2

Unified New UI (LRM)

The UI of products is getting revamped to have a better look & feel and to make it more interactive/convenient to use by the end-user.


  • Unified & Enhanced UI
  • Improved Usability
  • Global Time bar
  • Upgraded Color Themes
  • Favorites Collection
  • Canvas Mode


  • Optimized on-screen experience
  • Increased Customer engagement and retention


Cumulative Value of Request/Sec for Monitoring Purpose: This feature is introduced to plot a cumulative graph for sample count value in the derived graph.

Threshold Based Color Coding: Support for threshold-based color-coding for data widgets is provided. You can now configure the threshold values for Major and Critical conditions in the Widget Settings itself. When the graph value (Avg, Min, Max, Last Sample) satisfies the provided thresholds, then the Background color of the Data widget changes according to the condition is satisfied.

Performance Optimization in Data Fetching: This enhancement is related to performance optimization by creating data at Tomcat Startup and then fetching the data for REST API from it to reduce the response time. The configuration for TierGroupGraphMapping is now being read at tomcat startup only. Along with that, Data is created at Tomcat startup for some specific duration that is configurable and by default, it is 4 Hours and then while REST API is triggered for the configured duration then data will be fetched from there and it will be much faster than earlier.

Cache current aggregate GDF data for faster response: Currently, the aggregate data cache works for only aggr_1h partition, which is the default. When you apply another view by options like 10 min, it reads GDF data every time from disk. As normally 10 min aggregation used with options like Last_4_Hour, Last_6_Hours, etc., it uses the current partition GDF most of the time. So current partition GDF caching helps in creating response faster for some time periods which is used frequently. Similarly, it will cache current week/month GDF only. Now, the GDF (Merged) is cached for current day (10 min aggr)/current week/current month.

Support of SP Initiated Authentication with Ping One Identity Provider using IDP EndPoint URL: Earlier, IDP init sso URL was being used for SP authentication flow. Now, support of SP initiated authentication is provided using IDP endpoint URL. This sends the SAML request to the IDP endpoint, which then identifies the application request and starts the authentication process.


POST Request Support in Generic Rest Extended Monitor: POST request support is provided in generic rest extended monitor to enable new dashboard data API to fetch data from the cache based on query pattern for multiple groups.


Native App Overall Performance Report: You can now view the report of data for all native apps. To access this, go to Reports > Special Reports, and then select ‘Native App Overall Performance Report’ from the drop-down list of Reports. Provide the values for the required fields (similar to the fields in other special reports), and then generate the report to view the details.


Show pending Servers in Consolidated graph window for iprca node: Previously, only anomalous servers were added in consolidated graph window for iprca node. Now, pending incidents will also be added in that window.

Start of E2E graph from the UI tier: E2E graph will start from the UI tier following the transaction path to the root tier.

Open Bugs

These issues are intermittent.

Bug 95715: Performance|REST API|When the last 3 Days of cache is created already then also transInfo REST call is taking the time of 45 Minutes for the last 1-day data.

Bug 95423: Multi-DC | Derived Graph Issue : NAN value is coming for last sample while changing time period for derived graph creating using SUMCOUNT.

Bug Fixes

ID Product Description
95722 Aiops ML-QA || Not able to start the process of Transaction Flow using
95872 Aiops Host Ip is added for all checkgraphdata api instead of incident Ip
96098 Aiops ML-QA || Priority Incidents/Incident should also be deleted After click on delete button from alerts tab.
96413 Aiops ML-QA || Continuous spinner is showing on closing the side filter panel.
96866 Aiops ML-QA||Completed Incidents count is getting decrease for Anomalous/Non-Anomalous type after doing few re-running Rca/re-Rca process
94607 NetDiagnostics ProdlikePerformance| Observing high response time for AlertEngine BT calls for all Tiers
94659 NetDiagnostics REST API|transInfo|While Fetching Metrics Data then many extra arrTimeStamp are coming
94863 NetDiagnostics REST API|trans-info|Intermittent|Sometimes we don’t get data through transInfo REST CALL Mostly just after tomcat startup
95155 NetDiagnostics NVSM | Geo Map not highlighting all the regions from where hits are coming
95336 NetDiagnostics REST API|transInfo|While Fetching Metrics Data just after the tomcat startup when TBTRD data creation is in progress then Data is coming blank for REST API
95477 NetDiagnostics Graphical KPI Issue: On day change data not updating and UI getting freeze on graphical KPI.
95530 NetDiagnostics LRM | Alert Mail Issue : New Alert Mail Template is not coming proper for Tier level alerts having 2 or more Tiers and conditions for with 2 or more Tier satisfies.
95566 NetDiagnostics LRM : KPI – Data is coming blank ‘-‘ and Data not available in tooltip
95579 NetDiagnostics Excel | Data mismatch issue: Data in report is not matching with web-dashboard.
95593 NetDiagnostics Unable to connect to the REST URL
95609 NetDiagnostics Sample is not Updating on Mosaic Solr when we applied time period last 1 hour with view by 2minute.
95694 NetDiagnostics Mosaic_CP || NetDiagnostics || CMT was restarted due to ndc core as if one thread is cleaning Norm Table csv and test got stop, it is generated a core
95715 NetDiagnostics Performance|REST API|When the last 3 Days of cache is created already then also transInfo REST call is taking the time of 45 Minutes for the last 1-day data
96262 NetDiagnostics MOSAIC_CP || NetDiagnostics || P2 || Netstorm core generated on CNC Machine Session got restarted
96397 NetDiagnostics Getting NDC Core as malloc_consolidate (av=av@entry=0x7f89c4000020) at malloc.c:4181
96435 NetDiagnostics REST API|transInfo:- Getting incorrect value for max,min,avg,last sample for transinfo from REST API TBTRD/Cache
96489 NetDiagnostics Wrong File size is passing in ndc_trace.log and Agent debug log while sending RTC from Backend as well as GUI.
96549 NetDiagnostics Web-Dashboard | Bucket issue: Data is changing for the bucket in the web-dashboard of same applied time when checking on next day.
96753 NetDiagnostics Mosaic_CP || NetDiagnostics || Mosaic_SNB GUI is not opening as tomcat heap memory is full
96879 NetDiagnostics Changes required in dashboard data fetch API for monitor integration
96898 NetDiagnostics [Client-support] Getting False Alerts for [Mosaic ACCService] : MySql-Router||P1
96909 NetDiagnostics REST|While fetching data for Derived Graph using AVG Formula then data is coming incorrect through REST API
96947 NetDiagnostics ProdlikePerformance | MultiDC|UnifiedDashboard link is not opening || If one Node is Down, still MultiDC should be worked
96949 NetDiagnostics ndcollector | Flowpath Simulator Script | NDC core is getting generated in mark_topology at topolib_ndc_methods.c
96985 NetDiagnostics LRM | Multi DC | Unified Dashboard is not opening , if any of DC is Down
96997 NetDiagnostics REST API|transInfo:- When any sample is NAN then min value is coming 0 in Response of REST API
97094 NetDiagnostics Seeing 0 replica for recommendations-perf even if 1 pod is running.
97534 NetDiagnostics [Client-support] MOSAIC_CP || NetDiagnostics || Facing Slowness in MultiDC
97833 NetDiagnostics DDR | 4.3.2| Data is not coming in BT Callout Details table but DB Callout data is present in BT Callout Summary table after applying custom time in MultiDC.
97860 NetDiagnostics Lower panel is not showing
95252 NetStorm Kubernetes | %region_name% and %zone_name% is not getting replaced in cm_init for KubernetesOverallStats monitor.
96195 NetStorm LPS | In AccessLog monitor data is coming wrong in percentile graphs while configured “-u mls”.
96854 NetStorm Kubernetes Monitors | Need changes in new kubernetes monitors.
96901 NetStorm Getting very large size of monitor.log file due to Instance adding and deleting.
97608 NetStorm ProcessDataMonitor | Wrong data coming for “process cpu core usage(%)” graph
97792 NetStorm Kubernetes| OUTBOUND | Core is acoming while deleting cmon pod when when Any server keyword is used.
87661 NetVision Getting NaN value in Exit PCT column on Page Performance Overview window.
95317 NetVision In NV Playback | Pages are continuously loading while replaying the session.
95319 NetVision In NV New replay UI | Not able to replaying session for Android.
95320 NetVision NV GUI | In http request time stamp is not showing in the format of page details.
95368 NetVision In IOS Native App | Useraction value is showing garbage for pages.
95386 NetVision In NV General Reports | Group name should be change for “Kohls Report” Group .
95398 NetVision IOS Native App| Browser is not showing correct for IOS App in session detail window.
95660 NetVision In NV Dashboard | HTTP Error By XHR Group | Data is not showing according to applied Filter while doing DDR for MiscErr.
95675 NetVision In NV Special Report | Column name should be changed from “Application” to “Application Version”
96494 NetVision Android App| Requirement of Connection Type 5G and WIFI and Android Version 11.
96559 NetVision TC ID: NV-11501 | Rum Analytics | Page Performance Overview | Sorting is not working properly for FP, FCP, TTI.
97745 NetVision TC ID :NV-11530 | NV Core | Getting Error regarding MultiDisk due to which HPD is not running
97780 NetVision Getting Dip in Page View Stats /HTTP_ERRORS/PageStat Requests/Min
97791 NetVision Mosaic | Page Performance Overview displaying with wrong data in first column of compare mode
97818 NetVision In Cluster|Tomcat port of slave is passing as ‘0’ in nvcluster table.