Release Notes 4.3.1 B21

New and Enhanced Features in 4.3.1

Performance Improvement Fixes – Dashboard / ND

MultiDC: Redis Cache for Caching Frequent Calls at NodeJS Level: Redis Cache functionality is introduced for MultiDC. Here, the ‘getFavPanel’ calls are cached in Redis and can be used by other users on runtime for the same calls, which will improve the performance.

MultiDC: Add DC-wise Routing Information in the Data Calls: Previously, when the user used to load the favorite having data for one DC only inside the widget/panel, the data call was always transferred to all the DCs, which were configured in the DC info JSON. Now, if any panel has only one DC data, there is no need to send the data call for each DC.

Generate/Use Aggregation by 10 Mins/Weekly/Monthly Basis: Aggregation of RTG data by weeks/months is implemented for improving performance in operations, such as Time Period where the user wants to apply time as Last 30 days, Last 6 months, etc. Apart from this, 10-minute aggregation can also be created, which will improve the performance for Time period operations, such as last 4, 6, 8, 12 Hour, and other long-duration Presets where view by is in multiple of 10 mins.

File Caching in NDC: NDC will keep the content of the files in memory and will not read from the disk when an agent requires the file content. As currently, NDC causes disk read for reading file content on agent discovery. (Even in most  of the cases, the Profile is applied on Tier/Global/Tier Group level, so files content will be the same for all agents), so previously, for the same file, we used to do disk read multiple times (i.e. number of agents using the same file).


Support for Kubernetes Resource Quota Monitor: Kubernetes Resource Quota monitor displays the following stats:

  • CPU Quota Limit
  • Memory Quota Limit
  • Pod Count
  • CPU Quota Used
  • Memory Quota Used
  • Pod Count Used

Support for JVM Crash Monitors: To monitor every java application running on the server and send an alert in case of a Process crash.

  • We are already having a process monitor through which we are monitoring all processes for Linux OS. Now, one more graph is added in the Process monitor named “Process Crash Status” which shows values either “1” or “0” (1- Process is crashed and 0 – Process is not crashed).

Bug Fixes

91061NetDiagnosticsMultiDC: Download Show graph data not working.
91216NetDiagnosticsDashboard is not updating due to no data available in cache
93131NetDiagnosticsGetting Invalid vector in case of outbound mode for Process data V3 Monitor
93136NetDiagnosticsTomcat taking too much time to up/restart (5.98346667MIN).
93174NetDiagnosticsStats are not updating on day switch ||
93712NetDiagnosticsSearchRestAPI server (Solr) startup issue with ND enabled.
93198NetStormNot getting all generators in System Metrics due to vector drop in testrun.gdf file – Out of 72 only 38 generator data is coming
94013NetStormDashboard not loading due to high Heap requirement
91751NetVisionObserving frequent dips in the Graphs
93030NetVisionObserving Multiple dips in Active Session trend, for which Active Session Trend went down due to core dump in HPD as total_bytes is not reset in case of error
93589NetVisionNot able to add checkpoints
94316NetVisionUnable to detect UX Metrics stats for NV from GUI
94426NetVisionSensitive fields data are showing in NV Replay(while encrypted) and Payment page content are not showing in NV Replay