Release Notes 4.3.0 B98

List of Bug Fixes


ID Product Description
92689 NetCloud Not getting all generators in System Metrics due to vector drop in testrun.gdf file – Out of 72 only 38 generator data is coming
93076 NetDiagnostics SearchRestAPI server (Solr) startup issue with ND enabled.
92870 NetDiagnostics Getting Invalid vector in case of outbound mode for Process data V3 Monitor
93069 NetDiagnostics While applying RTC on process data monitor cm_init message not getting updated.
93177 NetDiagnostics CMon is sending old server (hostname) to NDC, NDC should truncate hostname after dot
93102 NetOcean Getting incorrect response on using repeat block due HPD core dump
93167 NetStorm CMon is sending old server (hostname) to NDC
93168 NetStorm CavWMON is sending old server (hostname) to NDC
92935 NetStorm Contents is not showing while clicking on page name of the page dump. Issue is in Create Script feature from ProductUI not in recorded script from script Manager
93036 NetStorm Not able to get successful transaction for manually created MultiPart Body flow due to Bad request error.
92271 NetStorm Unable to Record Pop-up Window while recording script from NS browser
92528 NetVision Observing Multiple dips in Active Session trend, for which Active Session Trend went down due to core dump in HPD as total_bytes is not reset in case of error
86560 NetVision Not able to replay SCO sessions ||