Release Notes 4.3.0 B105

New and Enhanced Features


TCP States monitor with Default vectors for NetCloud: This was required for the NetCloud test for monitoring connections states between Controller and Generators.

New monitor to take a dump of TCP file: A new monitor is implemented to take a dump of TCP file.


JDK 11 support in Java agent: JDK 11 is now supported in Java agent.

List of Bug Fixes

93909NetCloudCore Dump in percentile module
93150NetCloudFacing Issue in Netcloud test because generators got discarded due to delay in progress report as data are getting stuck in send-Q of generators .
95073NetCloudRBU Test Getting Stopped With Error Message “Test Run Stopped Due To System Errors”
95203NetCloudDashboard is not showing any data in case of high number of groups(i,e. 150 or 200).
95537NetCloudThere should be a warning in UI if user is running load test with tracing enabled in NC | Tracing was enabled on load test | nii_untar_req_rep processes are running causing machine slowness
94830NetCloudUnable to get data for all group while generating report in Page average Report.
93733NetCloudgdf count keeps increasing in production test
94334NetCloudNo data found on page dump from drill down.
75853NetDiagnosticsUnable to add tier group from UI
94647NetDiagnosticsGetting ndc core dump on machine at #0  0x00007f963c8aa60e in __strcmp_sse2_unaligned () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/strcmp-sse2-unaligned.S:32
97084NetDiagnosticsNot able to autoscale cmon in Azure kubernetes version 1.17 due to hostname resolution error.
67821NetDiagnosticsObserving unusual behavior in case of Server drop down list after selecting a specified tier , When we are creating derived graph of tier: dev02-blue-accservice, then instead of showing 2 servers, it is showing 3 servers because in code the synt
94668NetOceanLogs are not displayed in Request trace in GUI because of huge file size
94737NetStormNot able to start the test because of core dump in script due to large body used in an Inline url and after sending body in “CAVINCLUDE” no coredump observed and script running fine.
94716NetStormNetStorm Disaster Recovery Mangment |Not able to see the committed scripts in script manager because project and subproject was not present .
93591NetStormNot Getting Pagedump data while applied script name filter along with page name because query “nsi_db_get_pagedump_data.out” is not geving any output.
95213NetStormPage dump redirecting to Salesforce login Page after done changes in web.xml for harviewer issue “95153”.
93906NetStormHigh value of difference in visually complete for two different sessions in same RBU test.
94145NetStormResources are getting busy and no threads are getting created, ,all the system metrics showing 0 because cmon couldn’t send the data.
95716NetStormUnable to capture Iframe call
93088NetStormIssue while opening flow in Runlogic
94782NetStormNS is skipping Transaction while recording CST Script
94966NetStormCore was generated while starting test  due to memory corruption
95843Synthetic MonitorUnable to start the cmt test
95447Synthetic MonitorUnable to find data in Page Detail Report & Average Report.
95051Synthetic MonitorGeo Map not highlighting all the regions from where hits are coming